Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the first tri

haven't gone to my ob-gyne since i found out i'm preggy.

the signs are here though. nausea at anytime of the day. food cravings. foul smells cause lurching in my stomach. very, very short temper. sleepynezzzzzzzzzz all day. and very, very lazy.

it's in the books. the first trimester is usually like this.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

and now... the announcement

bought a medic pregnancy test pack yesterday at shangri-la. this morning did the urine test. i was almost afraid to do it. coz i was already hoping it would be positive and if in case it showed a negative, i would be deeply disappointed.

so i woke at six a.m., went straight to the toilet, peed on the small dropper that came with the medic pack, put 3 drops into the canal of the tester.... i left it inside the bathroom, woke cesar up and ordered him to look at it.

2 lines.


happy. i'm gonna have a new baby in 8 or 9 months. wish it'd be a girl this time. have to announce to the whole world.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

three & coming

migo is turning 3 yrs old on saturday, 13 august 2005. we decided to celebrate on friday (since the pool is unavailable on sat) together with his classmates. the party will be a spongebob squarepants theme party, obviously coz we're doing it at bikini bottom right here in our residence at chateau valenzuela. last saturday, we went to a party supplies store and got almost everything we need. from party hats to balloons, lootbags and its contents (of course, in the spongebob squrepants theme). today, i'm off to goldilocks to check out a spongebob cake! i'm even making a tarpaulin banner announcing migo's 3rd birthday. this "project" has got me so worked up!

on a different note, i've been feeling unusually sleepy most of the time these past few days. i'm thinking... i might be pregnant. so maybe it's timely that migo's turning 3 and he's gonna be a big bro soon. well, i'm keeping my fingers crossed coz it's about time he became one.