Saturday, May 21, 2005


20 may 2005. migo's last day of summer school for toddlers. his dad called me at the office to tell me migo got a ribbon "MOST ACTIVE". kinda cute. i was overjoyed. when i think about it, it makes me proud. the other kids got "most obedient", "most generous", "best in penmanship"... considering that this is school, it makes me mighty proud of his ribbon. i've always known he's smarter than most kids his age. (proud mommah! yeah!)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


last night i was talking to my mom about probably not having a second kid anymore. she said "yeah you're right, you're getting old anyway. 1 kid is enough."

GETTING OLD... it choked down my throat. i am getting old?

for years, i've always thought i'd stay 20-something. this year, i turned 33 without knowing it. no wonder i don't celebrate my birthday anymore. cesar is 32. now there's a guy who's even more hung up on being young than i am. i can say that we're very child-like in our ways. maybe that's what makes us click. and migo seems like a little brother to both of us.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

mother's day reflection

yesterday, i was greeted a happy mother's day by my son. then he was taught by his dad a sign language that means "you're the best!" he hits his left chest 3x with his right fist (gently of course) then points at me. he was so cute... it's been couple of years that i've had that title "mom" under my name. cool. years ago, i was afraid i would never be called such coz i always had that fear that i may never get pregnant.

anyways, i digressed.

we went to the 9am mass and met with my mom and dad. migo, cesar and i gave her a chocolate box and a card that goes "thanks for everything. what would we ever do without you? happy mother's day!" or something to that effect. then i made migo trace "mama, i love you! migo" i was sure i saw a tear in each of her eyes when we gave it to her and migo was hugging and kissing her in every which way. i'm glad we made her happy.

ironic though. towards the end of the day, cesar & i had a fight. i consider this one major coz until this morning he wasn't speaking to me. we normally make up immediately after a fight so this is something unusual. up to now i'm still not sure whether we're already ok or not. i'll find out later when i get home.

mothers... what will we ever do without them?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

hey big spender

my credit card has come in handy these past couple of weeks. got me a dvd player, a ceiling fan, venetian blinds, a couple of dinners out, some clothes and shoes, few groceries... i am just so glad i could buy all that stuff with just a signature. i sometimes wonder how i could ever live without it.

they say plastic money is the future. you don't have to carry cash around lest you get held up and lose it all in a jiffy. truth is, for me at least, it's an advertising set up. i figured all they actually want is for us cardholders to spend more. more than we can afford.

such is what actually is happening to me. i'm way over my head in debt. at least i think i am. i do know though that more people are in deeper shit than i am, owing credit card companies more than a hundred thousand bucks, and that's just the interest! so i might be luckier and more in control of my spending than most. anyhow, my point is i am still spending more than i'm supposed to. i read somewhere that in order for a person to save money is to compute it this way: income minus savings equals money to spend on needs and if there's still some left, that's the money for wants. but usually, most people, myself included, compute it in reverse: income minus money to spend for needs and wants equals savings. that's the reason why there is usually zero savings because of the never-ending needs and wants that a person buys with his income.

what's my point? i'm trying to tell myself to stop overspending. i am making a sermon here for me to read and realize one thing: big spender must be big earner. SO FIND A BETTER-PAYING JOB, GIRL!

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