Wednesday, October 20, 2010

miracle water

so my friend andre just got back from korea and he was raving about how beautiful it was there, that he wanted to go back next year and explore places and the food more.  one of the many highlights of his trip was at naju to visit julia kim

i read about julia kim through forwarded emails from friends and family long ago and i was awed at the miracles that have happened to her.   andre, bless him, was so awed to meet her himself and i saw how happy he was as he related to me his experience.  then, he took from his pocket two small bottles containing miracle water from the spring at naju where julia kim lived.   this water brings healing to sicknesses.  he told me one was for my dad and the other for me.  i am thankful.

so when i told the hubby, little big man and the little girl about it, most excited was the little big man.  i tried to explain to them kids how it works.  that it's water that we will drink and we will be healed of whatever sickness we have, by faith.  of course, their young minds cannot grasp this completely yet and they ended up thinking that they can make a wish through it and their wish will come true.  i let them think of it as such forewarning them that God does not always grants wishes right away if He thinks its not yet meant for them.  i was concerned that they will be disapointed with the miracle water if their wish or prayer was left unanswered.  i was teaching them faith.

so on monday morning before going to school and work, the four of us gathered together and each said their own silent prayer with eyes shut tight.  then one by one, i dropped the water on each's mouth.  i felt the purity and sincerity of the moment. 

last night, on our way home the little big man told me what he wished for.  he said he asked God to take away his not so nice habit of letting his mouth hang open when in thought or doing something.  he also asked that he become an honor student.  and that he gets to have lots and lots of toys.  i had to smile at how innocent and simple his wish was, which i know for sure God will grant in some way.

then he asked me what i wished for.  i was hesitant but he insisted and told me that it's ok to share it with him.  so i told him i wished that everything they (i.e., him, little girl and their dad) wished for be granted. 

why? he asked, confused.

because it will make me happy if your wish is granted.

but this was your chance to wish for something for yourself and you gave it to us?

i just smiled at him and ruffled his hair.

yes, anak, because i love you too much i'd give anything for your happiness.  my wish is that someday you will pass it on and live a good life and make me proud that i have raised you well.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


 i strongly believe i was saved from imminent danger this morning.

i was in a cab with the little big man on our way to his school then to my office.  (tuesdays the car is coded so he and i are on our own without the hubby.)

driver:  ma'am anong oras na?  [what thime is it?]
he looked at me, not from the rearview mirror when he asked this.  he actually turned his head to me at the backseat so i saw his face and he didn't look pleasant.  call me paranoid but something about him made me feel uncomfortable.
me:  quarter to seven.

few minutes later.  he turned towards me again while driving.
driver:  ma'am smart ka?  

in my mind, he meant if i had a cellphone and if i used smart network?  and in my mind, why the f*ck did he need to know?  this made me more uneasy.
 me:  hindi po.  [no.]

the little big man and i talked quietly as we drove on.

after another few minutes, he turned to me again.
driver:  ma'am tapos deretso tayo quezon avenue?
me:  opo.

yes, that was my instruction the moment i stepped in his cab.  he knew i was just going to drop off my kid in school and then, go to quezon avenue where he will drop me off. why the heck did he keep turning with a weird look on his face?  

it was only a few minutes away from the little big man's school.  i decided to hold out till we're there and get off the cab.  i checked the meter, took out the bills to pay for how much it would cost and when we finally parked in front of the school, i handed it to him, took my son's hand and bag and got off.

driver:  hindi na kayo sasakay?
me:  hindi na po. dadaan pa pala ko sa tutor ng anak ko.
and i shut the door.

grace:  also called state of grace. the condition of being in God's favor or one of the elect.