Thursday, July 28, 2011

mom "me"

i washed some of my kids' and hubby's clothes and underwear a little while ago.  two days of typhoon and a week's worth of laundry (due to the absence of my nanny/helper) summoned me to do it against my will.  i just did a few though to get the family through the weekend.  

i have a confession to make.  i can't believe i enjoyed it.  i'm not kidding.

it dawned on me as i was rinsing the suds off the little big man's P.E. t-shirt as i thought about how it should dry overnight cause he needed to wear it tomorrow.  (sorry we don't have a dryer.)  i wondered if our helper would thoroughly rinse our laundry or would she haphazardly do it just to get it over and done with.  as i thoroughly squished and squashed dirty socks, i imagined myself doing this everyday with only the thought that i'm doing it for my kids.  then it hit me:  i would rather do this than sit on my office chair right at this very moment.

then again, after finally saying it out loud (literally, with the larger fonts i used), it may be just because i don't do it everyday and maybe i felt the novelty of me washing clothes.  

earlier today, as i browsed the grocery for the stuff the little girl will be needing for tomorrow's school activities, i thought, what the heck, this is fun!  it gave me that sense of fulfillment that everything is taken cared of for my daughter and that i personally prepared everything for her.  thus,i am assured that she has everything she needs.  these things i couldn't have done, and the hubby wouldn't have done, had i didn't skip work today to take care of the little girl.

then again, maybe the hubby would've done it if i weren't around?  and i'm just using this as an alibi so i can resign from my job and be a stay-at-home-mom like i've always dreamed of?

whatever it is, i still think, as i've thought of for the last couple of months, that maybe i should really start thinking of a career that involves me staying with the family most of the time.  so there.  so shoot me, boss.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

all about my life -- the blog

i have switched jobs again.  well not that i switch jobs often but being a working mom, you know what i mean.  from a nanny to a prod dev manager in a fashion company to a fetcher to a tutor to ass-washer to t-shirt designer and whatever else -- all in one day.  somehow you get the picture.  and this varies daily.

so as i was saying, i have a new job.  now i am officially an editor.  this was since last saturday when the little big man announced that he wanted to write a blog.  i got so worked up to hear this that i spot on made him his own email address, opened a blogger account for him and told him to type away. 

so to my dear readers, i know you're not plenty, please do find time to visit  it's all about the little big man's life -- as seen through his eight-year old eyes and heart.  well, he's almost nine.  

his ambitions list so far:  taekwondo jin slash writer slash engineer slash chef.

Monday, July 18, 2011


took this pic today just so i would be able to look back someday and see if it came true.

the little big man has said some time ago that he wants to be a chef someday.  over the weekend, he was supposed to answer this application form for club membership in their school.  last schoolyear, he was in the math club and art club which were, as far as i know, really his inclinations.  this schoolyear, guess what he chose.  and check out his reason.

"My reason in Cretive Chef because I want to cook delicious foods to my wife when I grow up."

Thursday, July 07, 2011

may gusto

last monday, the hubby and i fetched the little girl from kindergarten school.  as we were leaving, a classmate ran after her and shot his arms through the gate rails shouting:

julla, tandaan mo 'to, may gusto ako sa 'yo!  tandaan mo, may gusto ako sa 'yo ha!!  he shouted this towards us for like eight times!
{remember this, i like you!  remember this, i like you!}

to which the little girl shot back while laughing:

hindi ko tatandaan!!
{i won't remember!}

the hubby and i laughed with her.  later i asked her if she liked him too.  to which she replied:


for the record, his name is mark enzo t. tapocthe hubby and i have got our eyes on you, boy!  i looked up a picture from last year's christmas party.  you're marked, mark! :)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

a trip down the aisle

i've been meaning to blog for like a hundred times this past month but i can never seem to be able to sit down and concentrate on writing.  lots of things have been happening and it would've been good to be able to record my thoughts on these events but i guess, it wasn't meant to be.  well, because most of it were negative thoughts about work.  like i said in one of my tweets, too many fml moments these past weeks.

on the upside, (which makes me believe sometimes that i just might be bipolar) a lot of good things happening as well.

well my thoughts since last friday are these.

it was the first of july.  the hubby and i went to get some work done for the b.  incidentally, it was in the area of the basilica of san lorenzo ruiz, otherwise known as binondo church, otherwise known to hubby and me as the church where we got married.

ten years ago this month, we wed here.

yes, i walked down that aisle to my teary-eyed groom. it was a day where nothing could possibly go wrong, everything seemed perfect and only happiness abound.  

last friday, we walked on this aisle, sat on a pew on the right halfway from the altar and said our prayer for the next ten plus years ahead.  we both have new dreams and goals from way back ten years ago.  we got our little family now to live for, not just each other.  and we're back here, vowing to make things work.

then we headed towards the left side to st. lorenzo ruiz.

this guy, he knows exactly what we want from him for he is our little big man's namesake.  

a lot of things have changed since our last trip down the aisle.  but our faith and hope and love remain.