Tuesday, November 08, 2005

caramel colored bubbles

can't get off 'em. even while i'm pregnant (and i know for a fact i shouldn't be drinking coke), i still sneak in a few gulps every now and then. not one whole bottle or can. just a few gulps. i just have to taste it on my tongue once in a while. a simple craving that i don't deprive myself lest i crave for it even more. just sipping those tiny caramel colored bubbles is enough to perk me up. (no coffee please)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

passed out

dear baby bump,

we were at the newly-opened sm valenzuela today. me, dad & kuya migo. i was supposed to visit my ob-gyne first for our monthly check-up but her clinic was closed so we went to the salon for my much-needed haircut (which turned out to be not what i wanted... but that is another story). kuya migo got a trim too. then afterwards, upon his prodding, we all went to sm.

once there, we checked out some christmas trees and decor and decided which to buy later when budget permits. then we went to the play area where kuya migo rode some kiddie rides. then i decided i was hungry so we went to kfc on the ground floor.

once there, i started to feel weird. i knew immediately i was going to faint. slowly, my vision was starting to fade into black and i told your dad i was gonna lose it any minute. i told him i was gonna faint. (i already know this coz this happened to me too when i was pregnant with your brother.) then i was gone.

the next thing i knew, i was being seated on a chair with daddy's arms around me, calmly calling me, "sweetheart, sweetheart..." then i could hear him saying "buntis kase sya" probably to the passers-by. then slowly, i came back. migo was hugging my left leg softly saying, "mommy, mommy..."

later, i asked dad how it went. he said, like i told him, i slowly fainted and slumped on his arms. my eyes rolled heavenward. migo asked him innocently, "daddy, patay na ba si mommy?" to which he replied, "no, anak, hinimatay lang sya. behave ka para ok na si mommy." was funny coz he even kidded me that i looked like a joke--my facial expression and all.

anyway, i felt how much daddy & kuya loved me just by being there caring for me. it's the love that our family will be giving you too.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

very first letter to unborn baby

hello baby bump,

you should be fifteen weeks old by now inside mum's tummy. you're quite a bump by now but not too big yet for people to see that i'm actually pregnant. sometimes, you look like some excess fat around my waist, like love handles.

last night, when i was about to go to sleep, i felt you kick in there. i'm not really sure if that was you or my bowel moving in my intestines. but i put my hand over my tummy and waited. and then you kicked again. then i was pretty sure it was you. i tried telling your dad and brother that i felt you move but they were probably already somewhere in between reality and dreamland so they didn't really hear me. there was a broad smile on my face..... this is the first time i felt you and it made me so happy. am happy coz i'm carrying inside me a new life. a new person who i love already, unconditionally. i cherished that moment of just the two of us connecting. bonding moment. me and my unborn child.

when your brother migo was still in my womb, i started a diary in a small hello kitty notebook. i wanted him to be a girl so i used that girly notebook. i still keep that diary somewhere in the back of our wardrobe cabinet but have not written on it maybe since he turned 2 yrs old. i hope to start a new one for you. maybe here in my blog. just print it out later and have you read it when you turn 18yrs old. just like what i'd planned with your brother, i'll give him that hello kitty notebook when he turns 18 too.

hang in there, kid. mum, dad and kuya are waiting for you, anticipating, with so much love.


Thursday, September 29, 2005

baby girl

if the level of my nausea attacks are any indication of the sex of my baby, well, considering that i almost-puke everytime i smell something awful, maybe, just maybe, my baby will be a girl. to think, even if i smell my own perfume, i sometimes also feel nauseaus. there are even times that merely thinking about the smell of the toilet makes my insides churn.

if i base the age of my baby on my last menstrual period, "she" should be on "her" 13th week by now. meaning, i'm through with the first trimester. meaning, i should be over the nausea attacks starting this week! but a bad headache and vomitting greeted me early this morning. up until now (lunchtime) my head still aches.

my wish is really for my baby to be a girl. of course, i wouldn't mind having another boy. cesar and i even already have a name for a boy. but for a girl, none yet. we're thinking it has to be "at par" with migo's lorenzo miguel. so something spanish/italian/filipino. no american names please. a saint's name and and an angel's name preferred. suggestions will be greatly appreciated. (for the record though, if it's a boy, he will be alonzo miguel. nickname enzo.)

i already imagine how different it would be to take care of a baby girl. hmmmm.....

Friday, September 16, 2005


there's this local tv commercial for vaseline lotion that shows kids "attacking" their moms for a hug. the jingle goes...."hug-a-mom-attack...monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday.... come on kids, hug your mommies....everyday...."

everytime migo sees this tvc, he literally bounces up from whatever it is he's doing and hugs me to bits. it's such a sweet gesture that i look forward to seeing the commercial everytime we're watching tv. we hug each other all throughout the entire 30 or 45 seconds. we don't break apart until it is finished and the next ad comes out. once, we were inside the bedroom and then when he heard the jingle from the tv next door, migo still jumped up and hugged me and he made me carry him to the tv set. then one time, when he stayed over at my mom and dad's house, my mom told me that he was playing in front of the tv in the sala when the commercial came out. she saw him look up, hesitate, (probably thinking i wasn't around for him to hug) then jumped at her and hugged her instead. my mom was teary-eyed.

moments like these bond me and my son in double. i always make a mental snapshot of the moment and hope i could hug my little one forever. makes me almost afraid that he's going to grow up pretty soon and there will come a time he would be hugging some other girl. still, moments like these make me realize that no matter how hard it is to be a good parent, all the hardships are worth it if you have at least one hug-attack per day. and i wouldn't mind more than one.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

the number 2

today, the 2nd day of september 2005, cesar and i went to migo's school to get his very first report card. we were excited coz it's our first time to do something like this in our family life.

it turned out that migo is 2nd in his nursery class. of course, cesar and i are very very proud. considering that he started school at 2½ years old and he's the youngest in his class. cesar and i agreed not to pressure him into being number one, but then again we would strive to help him achieve it if he can.

today too, i went on my first visit to my OB for check-up of my 2nd baby in my tummy. learned that i'm on my 9th week of pregnancy which means i just finished my 2nd month. my new OB is dra. clemencia lasam. love her coz she's so easy to talk to. we already talked about scheduling my CS operation because i told her i don't want to experience labor pains again. i had to tell her the trauma i went through in 33 hrs of labor when i gave birth to migo 3 years ago. she also suggested ligation if i didn't want to have another baby after this. later, when cesar and i talked about it, cesar didn't like the idea.

anyway, today was a "2" day. nothing to it.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the first tri

haven't gone to my ob-gyne since i found out i'm preggy.

the signs are here though. nausea at anytime of the day. food cravings. foul smells cause lurching in my stomach. very, very short temper. sleepynezzzzzzzzzz all day. and very, very lazy.

it's in the books. the first trimester is usually like this.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

and now... the announcement

bought a medic pregnancy test pack yesterday at shangri-la. this morning did the urine test. i was almost afraid to do it. coz i was already hoping it would be positive and if in case it showed a negative, i would be deeply disappointed.

so i woke at six a.m., went straight to the toilet, peed on the small dropper that came with the medic pack, put 3 drops into the canal of the tester.... i left it inside the bathroom, woke cesar up and ordered him to look at it.

2 lines.


happy. i'm gonna have a new baby in 8 or 9 months. wish it'd be a girl this time. have to announce to the whole world.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

three & coming

migo is turning 3 yrs old on saturday, 13 august 2005. we decided to celebrate on friday (since the pool is unavailable on sat) together with his classmates. the party will be a spongebob squarepants theme party, obviously coz we're doing it at bikini bottom right here in our residence at chateau valenzuela. last saturday, we went to a party supplies store and got almost everything we need. from party hats to balloons, lootbags and its contents (of course, in the spongebob squrepants theme). today, i'm off to goldilocks to check out a spongebob cake! i'm even making a tarpaulin banner announcing migo's 3rd birthday. this "project" has got me so worked up!

on a different note, i've been feeling unusually sleepy most of the time these past few days. i'm thinking... i might be pregnant. so maybe it's timely that migo's turning 3 and he's gonna be a big bro soon. well, i'm keeping my fingers crossed coz it's about time he became one.

Friday, July 29, 2005

russel / cecil / virra

i sent the following message through friendster to my best friend in the states. she's been living there since april last year. kinda miss her... it's been a while since we last spoke. and i don't even know her new email address!

28 july 2005

hey russel,

just thought i'd drop you a line or two today. just to keep in touch. you know, just to update you with the goings-on in my semi-complicated semi-happy life....

still working my ass in the old company. sometimes i think i'm getting too old for this. sometimes pondering on making a major career-shift. like studying medical transcription. and becoming a stay-at-home-working-mom. then i could do designing on the side. i'm putting up a website with sample pics of my design jobs so that potential clients can just view it and transactions can be done by email. payments through bank. good idea, huh? whatcha think?

migo is turning 3 yrs old this august 13th. time flies huh? he started nursery last june. wouldja believe that?! anyway, did i tell you he went to toddler class last summer and it turned out that he can easily grasp what's being taught him so the principal and teacher encouraged us to enroll him already. so we did. cesar & i figured migo would be better off learning something than staying at home playing everyday. besides, we can see he's really interested to learn and interact with other kids. his vocabulary is amazing considering he's so young -- a mixture of tagalog, english, spanish (courtesy of dora the explorer), taglish, spanglish and spangtag... heheheh... he's little mr. friendship in the community where we live. all the guards in the condo give him a high-five everytime they see him. most of the other residents, young and old know him by name and would greet him whenever they meet in the lobby, pool, playground. i'm so proud of him. of course, he could be a pain in the neck sometimes, just like all kids but that's all compensated by all the hugs, kisses and "i love yous" i get from him every now and then.

what else is up with me? hmmm... well, my life has mostly evolved around my work and my family. god has been generally good to me. i've never had problems too heavy that i didn't have a solution to. finances are tight but we're surviving. we don't have everything we want but at least we somehow get everything we need. don't get me wrong. there are a lot of down times, and i mean A LOT, in this life of mine. but they're just enough to make me feel glad during the times when i'm getting over them inch by inch.

what's up at your side of the world? i'm wondering what my soul twin is doing while all these things are happening to me. when i'm depressed, could you be depressed too? when i'm overjoyed, could you be on top of your world too?

keep in touch. what the heck's your new email address anyway? so i don't have to go through friendster anymore.


Monday, July 25, 2005


have not blogged for over a month. was pretty busy at work and always only had a few minutes at lunchtime to log on to the www. and used up those few minutes reading/deleting jillions of e-mails from the sp e-group.

today, got ourselves our own phone line at home. so now can log on anytime i please. goodbye, naptime on weekends coz i'm gonna be hooked! and hello latenights coz i may sure be hooking up after work too. but i'm sure i'll be able to blog more often now. and finally be able to compile all my thoughts and get myself workin on a book. my dream project. my own book. a semi-story of my life.


soon, i hope.

i can also now introduce migo to the www. oopsss, gotta get a netnanny asap.

Friday, July 22, 2005

happy anniversary

we celebrated our 4th year anniversary today. twas like any other day. it could easily pass up as an ordinary no-occasion day coz we didn't do anything to actually celebrate it. cesar said everyday is like our anniversary coz everyday is a celebration of our love for each other. naks namaaaaannnn...wooohooo...

anyway, i wrote this just for the record. nothing really worth-remembering today.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

starting nursery

migo started going to nursery school last week. he's going to the same school where he went to last summer for toddler class. teacher said he was ready for nursery despite his age. (he's only 2yrs & 10mths old) actually, the prinsipal thought he deserved to start kindergarten because (according to her) he could grasp everything taught him. but then the teacher said it's best to start him off at nursery so he won't be too pressured.

the week before he started, we bought his books (all 8 of 'em!! feels like he's in high school already!!) and he's started browsing through them. we also bought his school uniform. gosh, was he cute! and his supplies... tons of 'em. i can't believe i'm already sending my child to school! his schedule is from 10am to 1pm with classes in computer, english, filipino, math, science, sibika...

anyway, i'm hoping & praying that he'll enjoy schooling. i only want the best for him so i'll do my best to encourage him to do good.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


20 may 2005. migo's last day of summer school for toddlers. his dad called me at the office to tell me migo got a ribbon "MOST ACTIVE". kinda cute. i was overjoyed. when i think about it, it makes me proud. the other kids got "most obedient", "most generous", "best in penmanship"... considering that this is school, it makes me mighty proud of his ribbon. i've always known he's smarter than most kids his age. (proud mommah! yeah!)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


last night i was talking to my mom about probably not having a second kid anymore. she said "yeah you're right, you're getting old anyway. 1 kid is enough."

GETTING OLD... it choked down my throat. i am getting old?

for years, i've always thought i'd stay 20-something. this year, i turned 33 without knowing it. no wonder i don't celebrate my birthday anymore. cesar is 32. now there's a guy who's even more hung up on being young than i am. i can say that we're very child-like in our ways. maybe that's what makes us click. and migo seems like a little brother to both of us.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

mother's day reflection

yesterday, i was greeted a happy mother's day by my son. then he was taught by his dad a sign language that means "you're the best!" he hits his left chest 3x with his right fist (gently of course) then points at me. he was so cute... it's been couple of years that i've had that title "mom" under my name. cool. years ago, i was afraid i would never be called such coz i always had that fear that i may never get pregnant.

anyways, i digressed.

we went to the 9am mass and met with my mom and dad. migo, cesar and i gave her a chocolate box and a card that goes "thanks for everything. what would we ever do without you? happy mother's day!" or something to that effect. then i made migo trace "mama, i love you! migo" i was sure i saw a tear in each of her eyes when we gave it to her and migo was hugging and kissing her in every which way. i'm glad we made her happy.

ironic though. towards the end of the day, cesar & i had a fight. i consider this one major coz until this morning he wasn't speaking to me. we normally make up immediately after a fight so this is something unusual. up to now i'm still not sure whether we're already ok or not. i'll find out later when i get home.

mothers... what will we ever do without them?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

hey big spender

my credit card has come in handy these past couple of weeks. got me a dvd player, a ceiling fan, venetian blinds, a couple of dinners out, some clothes and shoes, few groceries... i am just so glad i could buy all that stuff with just a signature. i sometimes wonder how i could ever live without it.

they say plastic money is the future. you don't have to carry cash around lest you get held up and lose it all in a jiffy. truth is, for me at least, it's an advertising set up. i figured all they actually want is for us cardholders to spend more. more than we can afford.

such is what actually is happening to me. i'm way over my head in debt. at least i think i am. i do know though that more people are in deeper shit than i am, owing credit card companies more than a hundred thousand bucks, and that's just the interest! so i might be luckier and more in control of my spending than most. anyhow, my point is i am still spending more than i'm supposed to. i read somewhere that in order for a person to save money is to compute it this way: income minus savings equals money to spend on needs and if there's still some left, that's the money for wants. but usually, most people, myself included, compute it in reverse: income minus money to spend for needs and wants equals savings. that's the reason why there is usually zero savings because of the never-ending needs and wants that a person buys with his income.

what's my point? i'm trying to tell myself to stop overspending. i am making a sermon here for me to read and realize one thing: big spender must be big earner. SO FIND A BETTER-PAYING JOB, GIRL!

2322, 050405

Friday, April 22, 2005


excerpt from one of my notes dated 28 april 2004

I have always wanted to be a writer. Eversince Allie Cecilio (now Mrs. Vic Uy), my friend from High School introduced me to the fun of writing my thoughts down way back then, I’ve enjoyed it and have always wished I could someday publish my own book. Not the academic type of book but the journal type.

Recently, I came across the book of Susan Vidal, The Gospel According to My Kitchen Sink. It told of her life experiences as a mom, wife, daughter, career-woman and most expecially, a child of God. I’d like to write something like that. Something like Robert Fulghum. Something about me and my life.

I want to write about being foremost a mother to my 20-month old son. About being a “almost-3-year-old” wife. About being a 32-year old daughter. About being a 12-year old employee. About being a 32- 20- 16- 10- 6-… etc year old friend.

Everyday I have thoughts I’d really love to put on ink and paper but I never seem to get it done. Always busy being all those roles that I am. Maybe I really should take time out to do this. For myself. For 32-year old “me.”

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

school blues

did i tell you that migo started going to toddler school yesterday? it's only for the summer. he's only 2yrs & 8 mths old and by end of the summer, if he performs well he may -- just may -- be admitted to nursery school.

cool huh. his dad and i are confident he'll make it coz he's a bright child. modesty aside. or maybe i'm like all the other parents who just think their kids are simply the greatest kid that ever walked this earth.

anyways, yesterday, his first day, there was this kid about 5 years old. (note: at least 2 years his senior) according to cesar's story of what he actually saw from the outside of the classroom, this 5y/o kid came over to where migo was sitting, quietly drawing with his crayons. 5y/o kid then tried to get one of migo's crayons and when migo probably told him not to, he picked a crayon and threw it away. migo didn't budge. then 5 y/o kid wasn't contented. he started pointing an imaginary gun at migo and wouldn't stop "bang-banging" him until he looked up. now what was migo supposed to do? here was a 5y/o kid irking him while he was minding his own business.

this is what he did. (this is how cesar saw it with his own eyes.) migo stood up and whacked the kid straight with his right fist. (guess that's for throwing the crayon...) so 5y/o kid went down. migo sort of dived after him and what cesar saw next was 5y/o boy crawling in all fours and migo on top of him. then, migo bit his lower back. guess that's for the "bang-banging."

what do you expect next? 5y/o kid crying, mom to the rescue. we're not sure if mom of 5y/o kid said anything to migo coz he started crying too and seemed afraid of the mom. so cesar went in and comforted little migo.

atta boy. daddy's proud of him... after all, he only went after that geezer when he wouldn't back off. he was forwarned by migo's silence. he insisted and so he got what he deserved.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

being away and all

talked to ima this morning over the phone. said my mom's having problems coz of lack of funds for the apartment they are building at their backyard. i kinda felt bad about it, knowing somehow, i may have contributed to that "lack" in funds. she's been helping me and cesar with our new home. i kinda feel guilty now. although on the other hand, i can say that i've been most of the time financially independent of her and dad's help.

being away and all that makes me oblivious to my parents' problems. i am saddened by this but then again i've my own set of family problems. which now i realize, are trivial compared to theirs.

i want to help my mom and dad. how, i don't exactly know. what i can only resolve to do is to not, as much as possible, ask for anymore financial help from them. if i can help it. hah! i know god will always provide. amen.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

no more what if, for now

i went to that dang company. just as cesar wanted me to. i figured he's right. nothing to lose. only a couple of bucks for transpo is all and 1 day's salary.

so off i went today. got there a little past 10am. found the office quite easily. tucked along pioneer street in mandaluyong. small, cozy, quaint. as far as reception areas would go, that is. because that's as far as i got. the not-so-accomodating receptionist handed me an application form to fill up. unfortunately, my good old parker pen untimely lost ink and couldn't write a decent word. so i tried to borrow from not-so-accomodating receptionist which she reluctantly lent coz she was using it too. after filling up the form, i walked up to her and guess what she said?

we'll call you.

what? uh, ok. uhh.. can i get your office number so i can call back just in case?
no, we'll just call you.

GANON! and i had to painstakingly get dressed this morning and all that fuss! hmp. bah. at least i can say i didn't chicken out on something i know i can do.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

what if

cesar is kinda irritated with me for not going to a job interview that he thinks is a good opportunity for me. he's been telling me about it all week and wants me to go today. but i put it off till monday. i don't know why i'm "afraid". not really afraid but more like HESITANT. yup, that's the appropriate word -- hesitant.

i KNOW for a fact that i am no longer growing again in this company where i presently work. it's all the same everyday. my salary is ok, well, kinda. i wouldn't really know, i might be underpaid already considering my knowledge and exposure and all. or i may be over-confident. but i know what i know. and i know i can be more fulfilled elsewhere.

so why am i holding on? and now, i am left with what if i'd gone to that interview this morning?" i must've known the answer by now.


Thursday, April 07, 2005

pothole thoughts

i'm in a rut... and feel like a runt. i had to check old webster first before i used that word and yes it's not a typo error.

i am dead tired of going to this same boring office everyday.

probable reasons why:

i don't know if it's because my new home is twice farther from the office that everyday i fall asleep on the road on my way to work. i must be tired with the travel. but hey, i used to work in taguig, remember? that's 2 hours away!! [so i figure, it's not coz of the travel]

i don't know if it's because i'm no longer making the designs at work. i still do product development but indirectly now. the 3 girls under me now do the dirty work which i used to do. i'm basically into product management now and keeping an eye on the 3 girls which i do really well coz we share the same feelings about work. i'm in touch with how they feel being the artist that i am, like them.

i don't know if it's because i'm having "memory gap." the girls are teasing me about it coz irene said that a major cause of memory gap is not taking breakfast. recently, i forget things i have to do. not just trivial things, right. major things. and that's not good in the eye of the boss. good thing, miss charming that i am, i usually get away with it easy. and boss and i are kinda cool with each other u know.

anyway, another reason why i think i'm in a rut is coz things are really getting too monotonous for me. my day-to-day activity has become b-o-r-i-n-g. and i'm really missing my son, migo all the time. i often wish i could be with him everyday. i realized this when just a few days ago, cesar told me that i am out of the house 12 hours a day. i vehemently disagreed with him but when i did compute myself, i realized he's close. i leave at 8am and usually get home past 7pm. yup he's close alright. tsk-tsk....

some conclusion... maybe i need to find a new job? something closer to home... or something not directly related to what i'm doing now....

Sunday, March 27, 2005


we bought blue venetian blinds and a real cool ceiling fan today. it was fun but we bought it on credit so we'd have to pay up at the end of next month. but it's way cool coz now we don't have to worry about peeping toms. eheheheh...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The problem with weekends

Monday to Friday, I stay in the office 9 hours per day and every single day of that, I long for the weekend. Once I get home Friday night, I am in heaven. I forget all my work problems, my rifts with my boss, my follow ups with suppliers…. I turn into happy-go-lucky mommy and wifee.

Eversince we moved to our new home, our weekends are usually spent together – the 3 of us, Migo, Cesar and me. We would do household chores, eat out for breakfast, watch tv, go shopping/palengke, swimming, just plain have fun. My parents would often visit us Sunday night.

The problem with weekends though is that by Monday morning, I find it hard to shift back from mommy/wifee mode to work mode. It takes a while before I respond to the ding-dong-ing of my cellphone's alarm and get up to take my morning shower. Usually, the shower perks me up a bit but when Migo wakes up and starts whining for "Mommeeeee...dito ka tabi ko..." I get lazy again. When I am finally able to dress up, I'd have to drag myself down the 5 floors (15 steps per floor) of our condo building. The cold or heat of the morning affects me as well. If it's hot, I'm cranky. If it's cold, I'm super sleepy. And the almost 1 hour ride to work is just awful. Add the traffic and I am really gone.

The worse part is when I get to the office and I'm already dead tired.

Geez... can't wait till Friday.

Friday, March 04, 2005


the three of us got sick. before our move, i was already experiencing headaches and sore throat. now all three of us caught the virus. last monday i called in sick at the office coz of fever, cough and colds. by tue i felt better and decided to go to work but on my way there, i felt weak again. by the time i got there, i had fever again so had to go home by lunch time. on wednesday, i was absent again.

by thu, it was migo who was coughing and had fever.

by fri, it was cesar's turn.

all i can say is, it's the start of being on our own.

Friday, February 25, 2005

the final move

we have finally moved to our new home today. me, cesar & migo. our 5th floor abode in chateau valenzuela is just perfect for the three of us! nice view of the main entrance, basketball court and playground. i think migo will love it here. there's a swimming pool which he absolutely longs for. lots of little kids around. guards in all the buildings. cool, cool air everyday, every hour esp at night.

we're just starting to have fun! ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2005

the notebook

no, this isn't about noah calhoun's life with his dear allie. this is about a compaq presario 2500 that we bought (on loan courtesy of my mom). cesar & i are crazy about it.

we were actually planning on getting a pc when we moved to our dwelling. but 2 sundays ago, i borrowed my sister-in-laws laptop and had to have it repaired. then we chanced upon somebody wanting to sell his notebook. i didn't have the money but my brother insisted on getting it through our mom. it was him who actually wants it.

eventually, WE got it. i own it now and every night i make artworks and surf and have fun. cesar likes it too. he bought his own programs and all. and we're planning to get toddler cds too for migo.

that's all. just wanted to brag, i guess.... :)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the little one

he wakes up sometimes screaming. oftentimes, he wakes up with a sheepish smile on his face and when we greet him "good morning", he replies in his not-yet-so-articulate "du-moyning, mummy.... du-moyning, duddy."

today he woke in the latter manner. we started the day oggling at our brand new compaq presario which we bought with loaned money (courtesy of my mom & dad) yesterday. as i prepared to leave for work, he was having fun listening to some mp3s while enjoying the sight of his face as the wallpaper of the compaq.

when the time came that i have to leave for work, the tantrums came. he started crying and screaming his lungs out. tears were real. he wasn't just acting. he didn't want me to leave. "tama ato opi?" he requested. my heart broke. i wished i could. or at least, i could stay with him.

but it's the way it is. we both have to learn to accept that i have to go to work, he has to be left at home with his nanny. that is why i never fail to spend quality time with him whenever i could. weekends are usually spent with him and for him. his dad & i always makes sure of that.

Friday, January 14, 2005

hey, fever!

early this morning, i felt migo's forehead was burning with fever. immediately cesar & i got up to give him our ever-reliable tempra forte. afterwhich a lot of tight hugs and warm mwahs. after a while, fever slowly went down. i left for the office early so he & i didn't get the chance to say our usual long goodbyes in the morning.

just now, cesar called me from home and said he isn't going to work coz migo is vomitting and fever went up again. i am thinking of going home.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

the move

i'm back from the holidays. sad to report though that we haven't transferred to our new home yet. last dec. 26th, we visited the place and found the ceiling still unfinished. the earliest we could move in would probably be on the 3rd or 4th week of january.

too bad.... :( i was really looking forward to the "event." i had prepared all the stuff already, good thing i haven't really packed yet. i've already conditioned my mind that by the new year, i will be coming home from the office to the new place.

anyways, i guess i've waited so long already, i can wait a little more.