Thursday, June 09, 2011

about that soul dream

from that last blog entry about soul dream comes a very immediate development.

last night, the hubby told me the new coach told him that the little big man can get a high school scholarship in ateneo if he continues to do well in taekwondo.  well isn't that an answered prayer so soon?  (yes, he has a new coach but that's another story for another blog entry.)

anyways, i haven't read on with that e-book so i still have yet to find out what -- really -- is my soul dream.  but then again, i believe, the ultimate of it all is that i eventually find our little family successful in whatever dream we pursue.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

soul dream

started reading an e-book by bo sanchez and chapter 3 urged me to write down my dreams on paper.  well, i decided to blog about it instead.  that way, years from now, i believe i can go back to this page and see if i fulfilled any of it or if i failed.

the purpose of this is to realize what actually my soul dream is.  it says that soul dreams are fuelled by super human passion.  a touch of the divine wakes up from within and we're transformed with heroic perseverance.

so randomly now, here's my list.

get the little big man into ateneo, if not next school year, in high school and college.
alongside that, the little girl in miriam.

succeed in the thing we're putting up (which i cannot publish about yet).  make it profitable while allowing me to be creative.  me and the hubby.

family trips.  beach, overseas, wherever we want.

become a stay-at-home mom while managing a family business.

little big man in the olympics.  taekwondo of course.
alongside that, the little girl shining in her own right. we haven't discovered yet what for now.

our own family home.  our dwelling.  quezon city preferable but valenzuela will always be home.

driving.  me, behind the wheel.  manual or automatic.

being able to help other families, children especially -- financially, emotionally, spiritually.

taking care of my mom and dad for the rest of their life.

growing old and healthy together.  hubby and me.  contented with our life. together.

so there.