Monday, November 26, 2012

kicking it again

the little big man was in a taekwondo tournament yesterday.  after a long while again.  it used to be that almost every month we were on a tournament somewhere in this country.  we miss those days.

anyway, he got a bronze medal after losing in the semi-finals to a black belt.  score was a very tight 2-1.  worth-reading an old post i wrote about losing:

the highlight of the day was the little big man's cousin -- my brother's son.  it was his first time to compete.  he trained for a week and his dad convinced him to try out this competition.  his was just an exhibition game, with our coach making sure he doesn't get traumatized on his very first game.  well, he lost but got himself a silver medal for trying.  he needs a lot of training and i hope he and his dad seriously get into this.  

the hubby came to the event and the kids were mighty glad to see him.  although the little girl started crying when he was about to leave again later in the afternoon.  things are tough but i know in my heart we will all be able to cope.

Friday, November 23, 2012

trying hard chef

i've been meaning to blog about something that i started doing a few months back but never got the time to actually write about it.  today, i'm not missing that chance again.

since july, i've been trying my hand at... (don't squeal)... cooking.  yes, and to those who know me well, i know you squealed.  

i've never liked cooking.  i always thought it was boring and tiring just looking at how you cut up and prepare veggies or measure the teaspoonfuls of ingredients and spices.  my hubby has always been my ever-dependable cook.  he's the best for me.

but over the past months, i've been literally forced to cook for my kids with him not being around the house anymore what with the new and exciting things happening in his career.

so here are some of the stuff i've cooked.  my kids are my critics and most of the time, i pass but i guess they just love me too much to tell me i'm no good.