Thursday, February 23, 2006

crunch time

i'm on my 33rd week of pregnancy. baby seems to be healthy, always kicking and pushing his/her way around my tummy. we don't know yet if it's a boy or a girl. but finally have names for both...jose rafael (raj) or bettina ysbel (ysa).

i can't wait to see my new baby. but am anxious too coz of the crisis ahead. just this week, our boss declared a 4-day working week effective march. this means a significant decrease in monthly income. he said this would only be temporary due to loans and payables that the company needs to update. even 2 of our company's 7 phone lines have to be cut so as to cope with the numerous expenses. all possible cost-cutting measures are being implemented asap.

so what's a mom to do? tighten the budget even more. i do not want to make this negative situation a setback to the joy of having a new baby. as much as possible, cesar and i do not wish to let our kids feel the crunch. we will do our best to augment our monthly income and lessen unnecessary expences.

life is unfair, just as i've always known. so all i can really do is deal with it, pray hard and hope for the best. that's the spirit, ayt? atta girl.... :)

23 feb 06 / 1pm

Monday, February 06, 2006

another letter to baby

dear baby bump,

you're 7 months in mom's tummy by now. i am having a hard time getting up in the morning and going to sleep at night these past few weeks since christmas. and you're pretty big now, as i look at you sideways in front of the mirror. i'm happy to feel you always moving inside me. you are god's blessing to me, your dad and your kuya migo.

we are still wondering if you're a girl or a boy.... i haven't had ultrasound yet and mama and papa are discouraging me from having one. surprise na lang daw. but your dad and i secretly plan to check you out so we'd know in advance. and at least, so we can call you by your name already. we haven't got a name yet if you're a girl. last suggestion from mama was "bettina". she believes you're a girl... but if you're a boy, papa already suggested "jose rafael."

don't want to rant, baby, but i'm really having a hard time these days. i'm always tired and lazy. hope you won't become a lazy baby ok? my appetite has grown though. maybe it's coz my last checkup showed that i lost 2 lbs. tsk, tsk, tsk... bad...

anyways, since you're going to be a scheduled CS, your dad & i are planning to have you on his birthday, march 30. but last week, we were informed that kuya migo's graduation will be on april1-2. so we might as well have you after that so that you and i can attend that very special event in your kuya's life.

well, see you soon baby....


Friday, February 03, 2006

no title... duh...

if i could just get through this day... if i could just get through these last 2 months of my pregnancy... i'll be okay, i guess.

the past few weeks since the new year had been nothing but dull, irritating and tiring. both at work and at home. i try hard not to get affected at home so as not to affect the personality of my unborn baby. but sometimes, things just get so... frustrating. work is taking its toll on me. i'm BORED with working -- in the same company, for the same boss, with the same problems. every morning, i drag myself to the office. i look forward to weekends. can you believe i've been absent 4 times this month? which was unusual last year. i so look forward to my maternity leave come april. when finally i can take a break from it all. and maybe re-evaluate my position in the work i do. maybe i really do need to change careers, just as i've written here few months back. baby in my tummy is keeping me from going virtually insane here. of course, cesar and migo are always there for me but they can drive me crazy sometimes too. but i love, love, love them anyways! i'd never give up these 3 special people in my life for anything!

anyway.... (sigh) i've just got to keep on keeping on... so god help me....