Saturday, March 31, 2012

moving up

the little girl graduated from pre-school yesterday.  

it is one of the most gratifying moments in a mom's life.  she's only turing 6 years old next week and i know we still have a long way to go.  a lot more gratifying moments to come -- her 7th birthday, her first day in high school, her first menstruation... college, first love.... well, i'm (crossing my fingers) hoping first love comes after college.  she came in 3rd overall, i think, since the school is progressive and as a rule, does not give numeric grades.  but she was called 3rd to the last so i figured that's it.

next week, she's taking entrance exams at the little big man's school.   wish us luck.

Her page in the school souvenir program

Her introduction

Her doxology

And her fooling around :)

i so look forward to the many more fruitful years ahead.

all kids her age starting 1st grade next schoolyear will be working the new K+12 curriculum to be implemented by the  philippines' department of education.  this means 7 years of grade school and 5 years of high school.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


thinking of getting a cactus.  yes, that thorny prickly plant.  actually thinking of owning a collection of cactuses...errr... cacti.

over the weekend, i was obsessed with thai movies that until yesterday, i was searching for them on the internet.  i chanced upon a short film "cactus amnesia" and this started this sudden interest in this plant specie.  

as we all know, this plant has thorns that can prick you when touched.  since they originally live in the desert, they don't need much care and attention.  you have to nurture the cactus by not watering it everyday for it can live without it for days.  it can sit there with you for a long time without you even noticing it growing.  with some species, you have to wait 2 years to 15 years for it to flower.  you just have to continue believing in its inner beauty and wait for it to come out.

i have one cactus in my life right now.  i'm getting more.

Friday, March 09, 2012

tkd girl

just 2 weeks ago, i was talking about the little girl wanting make-up yeah?

well this week, she joined her very first taekwondo tournament. and today, her first official taekwondo training.  well, she's been watching and learning whenever her brother is training so she more or less, has the general idea on how to properly kick.  and she spars with him at home too.  so hubby and i were confident enough to try her in an exhibition in last sunday's tournament.  

yep, you read that right.  my kikay girl is also a kanto girl.  

(embed video)

i'm not sure though if her other interests, i.e. ballet, belly-dancing, singing, swimming, will take a backseat this summer or not.

i'm so looking forward to the boys who will try to woo her in the future and whose asses she will kick.