Monday, March 29, 2010

the full weekend

friday we finally enrolled julla in ballet class at nty children's camp.  (she will start on april 5.)  then got her white dress for her moving up come sunday.

saturday we went to taekwondo practice with migo.  it was announced that the team will be moving to the new (high-tech great facility) gym next week.  migo was commended for getting the gold during the last tournament.  he and clarence are now called the tirador ng novice of the team.

after tkd, we went to trinoma with one objective: to get the kids new shoes.  lunch at sbarro.  finally got that brand new black adidas with transparent stripes for migo and cute white baby doll shoes for julla which she will wear too for the moving up.  afterwhich, they played for an hour at kidzone.  i took the chance to get some stuff for myself too at zara and shoebox.  hee-hee!! we got home around 8:30.  while facebooking later, i realized we completely forgot about Earth Hour which was scheduled from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.  

sunday was THE day.  my mom tagged along for julla's moving up ceremonies at the valenzuela convention center.  what a pleasant surprise for us to find out that she got the multi-intelligence award -- the highest lang naman in her class.  :)  of course, the little girl was oblivious to the joy and pride we, her parents and grandparent, felt.  the only prize she requested was lunch at mcdonald's.

later in the afternoon, we went kite-flying at the luneta grandstand.  there's something about the freedom of a flying kite that set off a wonderful feeling inside.  the kids loved running around the large open space.  i could tell hubby was enjoying too.  it was just unfortunate it wasn't as windy as the last time we were there.  after about two hours, we were off to fastfood dinner and mass at the adamson church (san vicente de paul parish)  oh, a calesa ride too...  migo and julla, although have already ridden a horse in baguio before, were squealing in excitement.

home by 9pm.  all's well.  it was a tiring weekend but happy and fulfilling as well.  we've created memories again for our kids.  it's all that really matters.

ok, so i'm back at work.  although only a 3-day workweek (it's holy week!) it still promises to be a lot in my hands, what with an impending announcement of some major changes in the company's corporate structure.  good luck to all of us.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

what's in a name?

the little big man migo asked me at breakfast today what his name means. 

when we chose his name a few days before he was born, it was because we thought it was just right for our very pinoy last name. his first name lorenzo is from the basilica of saint lorenzo ruiz in binondo where hubby and i were married.  his second name miguel, is from archangel michael.

before he was born, i was in labor for thirty-plus hours until my o.b. decided to cut me open because he might already be stressed inside my tummy and might have gulped down his own poop for staying there too long.  it turned out that he already did and had an infection when he was born so he had to stay in the hospital for a week.  i only vaguely remember now (thanks to the general anesthesia) but the next few days after that, he was stuck with needles not less than ten times.  for blood tests, for the dextrose which had to be removed and re-inserted several times and for the different skin tests they made him undergo.  once, one stupid intern even forgot the rubber band tied around his bicep.  we wondered why his arm was turning bluish until we realized it's been there under his shirt's sleeve for a couple of hours already.  and then there's that other intern who couldn't seem to find the right vein to insert the iv.  he would stick it in, pull it out, stick it in again, out again... it went on several times until our little baby was screaming his lungs out in utter pain.  i remember hubby and i stepped out of the room and cried while holding hands.  we so pitied our newborn son!  (in hindsight, i think, we held hands to keep ourselves from strangling that intern to death.)

then was when we realized the relevance of his name.  lorenzo was a filipino martyr who endured torture, one of which was wherein needles were inserted in his fingernails, just to keep his faith.  miguel the brave archangel is the commander of the army of God who slayed sat*n.  our little son was already emulating his namesakes early on in his life.

fast-forward more than seven years later.  here he was, sitting beside me by the breakfast table, asking me why we call him migo.  he has become a brave and enduring taekwondo player.  he has become a strong-willed and assertive student.  he has become a protective, sometimes mischievous, kuya to his little sister.  he has become our sometimes sweet, sometimes annoying, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes hard-headed son.

he has become what lorenzo miguel meant.  and so much more.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

photographs and memories

i've just recovered pictures from my old hard disk and transferred them in my laptop.  thanks to val, our IT person here in the office.  i'm so glad i got everything back.  i was worried for a while there because the pictures date back to 2007.  that's 3 years worth of memories lost if ever they were unrecovered!  

i remember the first time my computer crashed.  we couldn't retrieve the old files.  never mind the files, i was really more concerned about the pictures which dated back to when we first had a digital camera when migo was, what, 2 years old?  you can imagine how desperate i was.  baby pictures of my panganay were lost!  darn this technology, right?  

used to be that i had photo albums when i was a kid until i was a teen until hubby and i were going steady, eventually engaged and then got married.  our wedding album was 3lbs heavy.  up until migo was 2 years old, we kept real photgraphs in real photo albums.  none in cds, computers, usbs, external hard drives or photo-sharing websites which we have now.  now i can't imagine myself painstakingly inserting picture after picture in an adhesive-laiden book, just as i'd done more than seven years ago.

ahhh...memories... you can never have too much of them.  i realize now that people actually create activities for family and friends so we can have beautiful memories together.  these memories we put inside that little chip inside our brains, store there and retrieve every now and then, to make us feel happy and fulfilled.

i'm getting a dslr soon.  :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the 4th gold


i could get used to this.  migo winning the gold, tournament after tournament.  even the silver may not make me that happy after today.  he has turned into a (cute little) monster on the taekwondo court.  he's become unstoppable.  his speed and accuracy has upped to a different level compared to those in his level.  that's my opinion.  i'm his mom.

he was promoted to blue belt two weeks ago.  last friday, i bought his blue belt in time for the tournament yesterday.  binyagan mo ng gold yang belt mo ha, was his dad's words to him before his first fight.

i'm so proud of what he's achieved so far, at seven years old.  i know he could do so much more once he sets his mind to it.  next schoolyear, we're targeting ... soccer!  :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

summer breezin'

summer has officially started for migo this past week.  julla still has classes this week until her 'moving up' on the 28th.  

just as i have done last summer, i've started giving them daily schedules which has different activities for the day which they have to follow so as to ensure that they don't just play the computer all day.  these activities include their morning bath,  reading a chapter of a certain book (for migo), answering pages i downloaded and printed  (for both of them) so as not to get rusty on academics. there's playtime (as in, play with toys or go to playground), naptime, eating time and their favorite, computer games (limited to 1 hour per kid.  i believe that it's important to regulate this, not deprive.)

their schedule looks like this:

they are supposed to check the boxes of those that they've finished doing.  at the end of the day, when i get home from work, i check each of their activities.  they get a reward come weekend.  

aside from this, migo still has taekwondo practice three times a week and we're enrolling julla in ballet class.  hmm... seems to me we're gonna have a busy summer.

what are your kids doing this hot season?

Friday, March 19, 2010

update on phlegmatic me & my choleric mom

we finally got the effin' documents!!  yey!

teacher S was apologetic albeit still trying to justify her hesitancy in giving out the documents.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

phlegmatic me and my choleric mom

so last monday, i was able to inquire at the new school and hubby and i have finally decided, most probably, that migo's going to transfer there next schoolyear.  

next on the agenda was to secure the requirements before migo could take the entrance exams.  i had to call the old school to ask them for a photocopy of migo's report card until the 3rd quarter and a certificate of good moral character.  

teacher S was the one who answered the phone and i told her about the situation.  she told me that i can have everything when they release the report card on april 12.  unfortunately, entrance exams at the new school is only till april 8.  so i had to call teacher S again to explain the predicament and request her kindly, if she could provide everything at least on april 5.  she kindly said yes, albeit reluctantly, because she said there were a lot of activities right now and everyone there is busy.  it turned out that SHE was the one who will prepare AND release the certificate.  which infuriated me a bit, coz it was only an effin' piece of paper which i was SO sure already has a template and only needs her effin' signature!  but i was calm.  kind even, to this soft-spoken teacher who has been the recipient of my complaints for the past schoolyear.  phlegmatic personality me.

after i put down the phone, my first instinct was to call my choleric personality mother.  

mom, i need your super powers.  text me when you're back in the office so i can call you.  thanks.  nothing serious. text message sent.

as expected, she cannot -- would not accept the excuse of this teacher.  her solution was fairly simple:  write a letter to the principal and personally bring it to her and talk her into releasing the gawd-forsaken certificate!

the following day wasn't very eventful but a significant one.  she went to the old school, found that both the principal and teacher S were not around at nine a.m.  so she left the letter with another teacher there.  later, she called and, voila, teacher S answered.

same excuses were told to my mother, who was never the slightest bit discouraged.  she was not to be brushed aside by this woman.

her words, verbatim:  ganito na lang.  tatawag ako uli on thursday to remind you that i will pick up that document on friday afternoon.  ok?  she told this thrice to the equally unfazed teacher who kept saying that my mother has to wait.

until finally, alam mo kase teacher, kaya lilipat ang apo ko, kase gusto nya mag-soccer.  eh sa notre may soccer field.  e kayo wala kayong soccer field.   kaya tatawag ako uli sa thursday to remind you that i will pick up that certificate on friday afternoon.  okay?

sometimes, although i won't admit it, i really love my mom for being so choleric.  

1)  phlegmatic
2) choleric
3) sanguine
4) melancholic

Monday, March 15, 2010

summer heat

and so another weekend has come and gone.  summer is here.  we are definitely feeling the heat.  our electricity bill shot up to 5,800 bucks from 4,600 last month.  due to a lot of airconditioning plus electric fan plus the fact that the ice shaver for the snow cone machine downstairs may have been eating up a lot too.  i better start charging my brother for that soon. 

more expenses coming our way.  there's the taekwondo tournament this coming weekend.  then there's julla's moving up the next weekend.  ballet lessons for julla's summer activity too.  plans for a summer getaway.  migo transfering to a new school also entails more moolah needed a.s.a.p.  also there's the plans for a car and a new house.  wonder how we can get through the next 3 months...

the heat is on!

well the important thing is we're getting through this together.  and i know the kids are oblivious to all this but as long as they're happy, i don't mind.

Friday, March 12, 2010

my tkd kid

oh by the way, migo's promotion to blue belt was last sunday 07 march 2010.

he also won his fight and another gold medal.  he has 3 golds now, 2 silvers, and 2 bronzes.  he's 7 1/2 years old.  he started taekwondo at 6 1/2.  

do the math.

me.  proud momma.


it's been a long while since i received messages like this from hubby and it's worth putting on record (in a blog, for all to see!) so that when there will be bad days, i can look back, read this again and assure me that at one time, things like this DID happen.

hmmm...minsan pero knina hndi :-)

aba ang sweet nman. cguro msama napanaginipan mo no

pano mo nlaman kng natutulog ka. ibg sbhn nagtutulug tulugan ka lang

 speechlesssssssss ♥