Friday, May 18, 2007

what's up (email to russel)

nothing much to do right now. thought i'd drop you a line or two. kamusta ka na??? hindi mo na ko kwinentuhan....

kami dito... same old, same old. times are really tough but we're surviving. si migo, your inaanak, is going to senior kinder this june. whew...ang bilis noh. he's 4yrs and 9 mths old. si julla turned 1 last april 5. typical aries, mare... very strong-willed na bata, and to think, baby pa sya di ba pero ang strong ng personality. si migo is leo (august 13)...ganun din... king talaga, mahirap pasunurin but very malambing when he wants to be. i'm so proud of them (obvious ba) and they're my source of strength and joy. sana mapalaki ko sila ng maayos and sana ipagmalaki din nila ako pag laki nila and matanda na ako. parang "mommy ko yan... luv ko yan..." aheheheh....

sa work, i'm doing fine naman. found myself a nice company called "folded&hung" where i do...what else... denims...!! it's a local brand here doing retail. it's kinda one of "THE" brands locally these days. we have 28 company-owned stores in the malls and 7 or 8 franchisees. so far been here for 6 mths and doing quite ok. pay is better and i have less workload than before when i was with patrick. remember him?

hey...remember tray...travis... the guy whose name transformed me into trae in our troi&trae trip? i met him some time this year at starbucks here in t.morato. i didn't know it was him and he was the first to recognize and approach me. ...."uhmmm....chari capili???" he goes.

i turn and see this tall guy ( i didn't realize he was so tall) with an expectant look in his eyes. he's not so handsome as he was back then so his face didn't register.

he beat his hand to his chest...."remember me?"

puzzled look from me....followed by an apologetic look.... "ssssorry...??"

he stomped his foot. "travis.... ano ba?! di mo na ko kilala???"

ding!!! troi&trae... my eyes light up. "tray!!! it's you." heheheheh

we hugged. chicka kmi konti afterwards. he was with his wife and would you believe...4 kids, all 1 year apart in age, alternate boy-girl-boy-girl. and cute nila. wish he'd seen my kids too kaya lang i was with my officemates on a weekday. he was visiting lang from australia where his family is already based. cool noh... i envy you guys who're out of pinas already. although i really don't know if you guys are having a hard time there too but it seems to be a whole lot better living in another place outside this country.

hey... write me. anything. just keep in touch dammit!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


i have the worst kind of sore throat right now. the itch is unbearable and my voice breaks everytime i speak. it's been on and off like this since the weekend but today is the worst. it's due to the sudden change in weather last week. for some reason, it rained last week and god a little cold. so kids and cesar and i packed up our blankets and spent thursday night in the living room with open windows. that got me. colds and cough the following morning. and it's been like this since.
last night, julla got fever already. i know she got it from me coz we sleep together. poor baby. but this morning, she was getting better. hope she doesn't get too sick. abd cesar's asthma fired up the week before last. it's crazy--this changeable weather.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

new dwelling

here at the office, ms. v and i exchanged tables. we had our places cleaned and now i'm working on her table.

back at home, cesar and i are planning to move to another house. we'll start looking soon. chateau has become a small place for us and the kids... funny but 2 yrs back, we thought we'd all grow old there.