Sunday, January 28, 2007

the new year

happy new year! although a bit late. i've no time to blog anymore. work has been overwhelming since the start of january. i'm not sure also if was put behind a firewall by our sys ad so i haven't done any blogging from the office. only now that i got some peace and quiet from my mommy chores did i get to open the computer, do some surfing, friendster and yes, blogger.
we started 2007 not so well. i hope it doesn't last the whole year, as some old folks believe. i don't wanna talk about what happened coz it caused such a strain on my psychological well-being that constantly reminding me of it depresses me. i just pray to God everything will work out right.
presently, cesar is the cook at yohanan. i don't know for how long coz we do plan to venture into the business on our own. sana soon... if finances allow, if God wills it.

migo and julla are growing everyday. migo is no longer a baby. he has qualities from his dad -- very brusque and street-smart. very opinionated and independent-minded. it's positive in a lot of ways but kind of hard to handle too. he's doing good in school albeit very makulit. he's been having some skin problems and it's driving me nuts. he always gets his hands dirty and gets sweaty and scratches every itchy inch of his body, thus, bruises and all. ugh.

julla, our pretty baby is getting prettier everyday. (thank God she doesn't look like me... although many say she does) however, since we've been staying at my mom & dad's house, she's had mosquito bites that caused dark spots on her legs and arms. ugh. my two kids with skin imperfections... sigh... if only i could always be there to take care of them.

but here i am, still the working mom with no choice. but i'm spending every minute of my time at home with them. hope this year brings my family a lot to be happy about.