Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday bonding

every tuesday, the little big man and me have each other all to ourselves.  well, at least for half an hour every morning as we ride a cab from our house to his school.  our car is color-coded every tuesday so we are basically left to fend for ourselves while the hubby stays home with no driving chores.

today, we were seated together side by side, my arm casually draped around his shoulder.  i was to his right and his big backpack was to his left.  

antok pa ko. he told me.
late kase tayo natulog kagabi.  i replied back.

he half-smiled.

i told him that it used to be, when we were in our old house, we were able to sleep early coz after dinner, there were no more chores to do because we had helpers who did it the following morning.  it was just the four of us so we always hit the bedroom early.  now that we were in our new home, with our extended family downstairs and lots of conversations going on before we could settle into the house/bedroom, we can't really go to sleep as early as we wanna.  
i told him that that was in exchange for the better home.  that there are things we give up for other things.  now that we're here, we can't always sleep early.  but we have a garden, a bigger space and he and his sister can play outside.  

pwede na tayo maglagay ng inflatable swimming pool.  he said.

ok, sa summer bili tayo.  so di ba, may kapalit naman na ibang magandang bagay yung paglipat natin ng bahay.

oo nga, tsaka wala nang ipis.  

yes, no ipis in our new home.  we have left all of the ipis and all the negative past behind.

Friday, February 18, 2011

the sweetest thing

i am the mother of the sweetest boy in the world.  somebody told me that a mother always has a favorite among her children, which i firmly disagree with in my case.  but if i compare my two children, my boy is the sweet and thoughtful type opposite my girl's tough and "mataray" personality.  which gives him some sort of edge in a way.

take this for instance.  on my birthday, i took a leave from work to relax and have a worry-free day.  we didn't do anything to celebrate as a family.  the kids went to school, i stayed at home, the hubby was here and there.  before going to sleep that night, the little big man asked me why i didn't have a cake.  i told him nobody gave me one which, by the look on his face, set him thinking.  then he went out and talked to his dad.  after a while, he was in the loo relieving himself then he called out to me.

di ka ba nalulungkot wala kang cake?
(which means he is still thinking about it)

ayus lang.  ganun naman talaga.  pag birthday nyo,  pinapasaya ko kayo. e pag birthday ko  alangan naman ako rin magpasaya sa sarili ko.
(i was unintentionally making him feel guilty.  so shoot me.)

mommy, sorry ha wala kang cake.

later, i found out from his dad that he asked him to buy a cake for me and that he was going to keep me busy so i won't notice his dad gone to buy that cake.  but his dad declined and said they'll buy tomorrow coz it's already late in the evening.

[the next day, my office mate gave me a surprise birthday cake after i told her about this little conversation and when i got home, i told the little big man that i got one already.  he had the biggest, sweetest smile on his face.]

Thursday, February 17, 2011

the new year

i turned 39 years old two days ago.  so technically, MY new year just started.  i can't believe i've already lived this long and i actually, honestly feel still young....like 2o-something.  no kidding!  maybe it's because i've not really grown THAT old physically.  and largely coz of my height, many people still look at me like i'm a teenager. *grin*

so i'm starting my year right.  first off, i am trying to not dwell on the bad times and concentrate on a brighter future.  it's hard, considering what i've been through (which i really don't want to talk about in a public blog which, well, ironically, doesn't have a lot of readers).

starting fresh means:
1. our new (temporary) dwelling where we moved in 2 weeks ago
2. my new samsung galaxy tab (which made me so happy; call me materialistic but it's the best gift i got so far)
3. a renewed faith through feast valenzuela which we hope to go to at least every month, if not every week
4. being together with hubby in a renewed life too

of course, there's still my love for the kids and my parents and my brothers and their families -- that will never, ever fade.

 happy birthday to me.

my two birthday cakes:
from alfie, cherry cheesecake from banapple whose toppings fell to the sides
from nem, ube cake from red ribbon
oh and 2 dozen ube mamons

Tuesday, February 15, 2011