Friday, March 08, 2013

gay and you know it

it's been a while.  more than 4 months.  i actually have a lot to blog about but...

...but some of it, i forgot, some of it...not anymore relevant.

but a recent event in my family life got me back to blogging.  two weeks ago, i became godmother to a friend's first-born son.  the group of friends at the reception were mostly friends from my work who have already resigned so it was some sort of reunion for most of us.  anyway, as many of you know, i have a lot of gay friends in the industry.  and there they all were.

the reception at cafe mary grace in greenbelt 2 sent my 2 kids interacting with my gay friends.  i do not regret that they had first-hand experience of conversations involving guys having crushes on guys and a guy friend with a boyfriend.  to which my often brutally-honest son remarked, they're boyfriends? oh my god, what is happening to our country? 

fast forward to the next weekend.  we attended the swimming / luau party of my daughter's classmate.  there, we met her classmate, a syrian and her chinese-looking mom and a lesbian for a dad.  to which my daughter asked me, wide-eyed, when she saw the mom being carried by the dad towards the pool, is that her DAD??

after both weekends, i explained to my kids how these people are not any different from us, that as long as they are kind and don't do anything bad to you, they should be alright to have around.  they are in fact, more fun to be with, more down-to-earth and real people.  and we should never judge people for their sexual preference.

for a while there, i got worried that my kids got exposed at a young age to this reality in life.  but then, after i explained to them, i was more than happy that they are knowledgeable now regarding this.  better that they learned it from me than from somebody else.  for now, i am quite sure though that both of them are straight guy and straight girl.