Friday, August 29, 2008

julla is sick, and so's the rest of us

julla is sick again. :( last time was the end of july which is about four weeks ago when our whole family got sick.

last night when i got home, she has 38.6 temp. she was coughing like there's gallons of phlegm inside her chest and she was sniffing all night. we had to put her on the "usok machine" this morning so her breathing could at least improve. we bought her antibiotics before i went to work today, the same one given her by her pedia last month.

i have colds as well. cesar too. and migo has cough and colds.

i don't like to think that eversince we moved to the new home, the family got sickly. it seems that way but it's also that time of year when everybody gets sickly, isn't it?

i'm goin home early.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


fun stuff i think i'm missing: my boss' birthday party last wednesday, my boss' daughter's baptismal tonight which i already know i won't be attending, opportunity to travel and meet more people, that honda crv, that iphone and ipod, that digital slr camera and all the other techie stuff i so want.

so let me go on with my wishlist. coz this blog entry is turning out to be just that. a home makeover would be really cool. a brand new laptop with broadband connection so i can take it and use it wherever i go. did i mention that crv? or any car for that matter as long as it's mine and i can use it anytime i want. kenneth cole watch but i think the one i want is no longer available. a trip anywhere where i can relax without worry.

and let me go on about my what-ifs. what if i married my high school boyfriend who's now a millionaire? what if i ran away to iloilo with my spring fling? what if i didn't stay too long at my previous job? what if i pursued an advertising career?

hmp...i'll get back to this later. brunch is served.

sound decision

i've been feeling a lot of mixed emotions lately. it seems i am trying my darnedest to cope with negative situations but only end up stressing myself more. my friend andre told me to "pray for guidance to come up with a sound decision." i do. i pray a lot. not in the religious way but in a way that i talk to god in my head and i know he listens to me and he talks to me...but i can't seem to get his message. or am i too caught up in everything that i fail to hear him. if i could just sit still......and listen....

for the record, yesterday migo participated in the school's quiz bee. he didn't win anything but i told him that to be part of the 15 contestants out of 90+ students was an achievement already in itself. he asked me if i am happy with him and of course, i said yes.

while i was bathing him early in the morning, before going off to school, we had this conversation:

me: anak, do you want me to accompany you to your quiz bee or can i go to the office?
(he has been clingy these past months and always, always requests me to stay home and not go to the office)

migo: mommy, just come with me to school and watch me at the quiz bee.
(eyes wide open, begging)

me: ok, but i will lose one day's salary. is that alright?
(i've already used up all my vacation leaves and sick leaves for the year, mostly because of him)

migo: at least, we're together.

that did it. no second thoughts. then he goes:

migo: will daddy get mad if you lose one day's salary?

me: of course not.

he grinned, satisfied with what he heard. i smiled, contented with my decision.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Coke Effect

Two or so weeks ago, Migo asked me (quite sweetly) if he could drink Pop Cola along with his dinner. Although I was reluctant, I let him because it has been some time since he had softdrinks and I do want to give in once in a while.

Later, at bedtime, he couldn't sleep. And after dozens of stories & lullabies with no dozing effect, I fell asleep only to realize the next morning that Migo didn't sleep until very, very late.

This morning, after the 9-10am mass, the four of us dropped by SM to get Jollibee meals for Migo and Julla (which include regular size cups of Coke), a McDonald's Quarter Pounder for Cesar and a caramel sundae for me.

Back home, after literally devouring our Sunday brunch, at around 12 noon I told the kids it's time for an early afternoon nap.

Well, here's what happened....

I will have to keep this in mind from now on:
Never, ever give the kids Coke or any stimulating drink BEFORE going to sleep.