Friday, August 18, 2006

julla, our pretty duckling

she got her ears pierced yesterday (august 17) at the health center in front of our subdivision's gate. she looked real pretty with her new pearl earrings. have to post a pic asap.

everyday, i look at her and see how pretty she is. maybe it's because i'm her mom so i really think she's beautiful. but i asked cesar if this was the case, and he told me that julla's really pretty. well, he's probably just saying that because he's the dad. har-har... :-)

her personality is coming out everyday. i sometimes call her "sungit" coz she is always frowning. and boy, can she cry her lungs out! everytime she feels sleepy, she'd get all cranky and whine and cry. i actually learned to live with it -- the crying and all that coz i know if i rock her enough, she'll eventually fall sleep. now when she smiles....boy, she lights up my world! i noticed she often smiles when we face her up to a mirror. she probably knows she's pretty, hah! or maybe, since she doesn't smile as often as she frowns, it becomes a precious moment. julla is also very observant. you'd see her staring at our movements. she is constantly watching her kuya migo's every move and is most at ease in her rocker when he's beside her.

we love her, love her, love her! me, her dad and kuya migo.

18 aug 2006 / 5:30pm

my little duck

last sunday, august 13th, migo celebrated his 4th birthday alongside the christening of baby julla. the double affair was held at chowking valenzuela right after the christening ceremony at our lady of fatima shrine.

the only godparents who arrived on time for the ceremony were irene, alice and marichu to which i am extremely grateful. (thanks, mga 'mare! i really appreciate it!) the others got delayed due to the rains (eric, edgar, louie--but at least you came). one ninong (rommel) had an accident that morning so was unable to come.

anyways... about the double celebration. part of the simple program was the blowing of candles. we put migo on top of a chair together with his birthday cake at his side and asked all the guests to sing a happy birthday. while everybody was singing, i stood beside him and he kept on hugging me and nesting his face in my neck. afterwhich, he blew the #4 candle on his cake.

later in the evening, before we went to sleep, i asked him if he was happy during the day. to which he replied, "opo. naiyak nga po ako kanina e." so i asked, "bakit ka naiyak?" and he said: "kase kinantahan ako ng happy birthday." cesar and i laughed. we realized that our 4-yr old can already be touched by situations such as this which, to think, can usually be felt by older kids. i hugged him tight and let him feel how much loved he is. is this an example of EQ? i don't know for sure but am happy at the thought of my young boy feeling that way.

two days later, we were praying before going to sleep. he said his prayer "angel of god..." and afterwards a spontaneous prayer which we normally do. that night, his ring finger was hurting because it got "ipit" at the side of our refrigerator door. so he prayed, "sana po pagalingin nyo na si ring man, parang awa nyo na po." to which cesar and i had a good laugh again later.
cesar tells me that lots of times, when it's mcdo day, (every fri the two of them go to mcdonald's to eat and migo plays in the playground there) he would notice migo making friends with the other kids and leading the others in playing. he would tell the others where to go, what to do and those who don't follow him usually strays away. he is never left without company or if he is, he happily plays by himself.
always, cesar and i are surprised at the things little migo says and does. he talks unusually like a grown-up. we don't always know what to expect when conversing with him. even my mom & dad get amused whenever he speaks to them because his ideas are so broad and you wouldn't think he'd say or know some things that he talks about.
this morning, when we brought him to school, we watched him as their class sang the pambansang awit, recited their morning prayer, sang "ito ang araw na ginawa ng panginoon", exercised and we saw how happy he is in school. we're proud of what he is -- our 4-yr od amongst 5yr-olds in his class. it's the last day of their first quarter exams. hope he does good.
now cesar and i have decided to call him "our little duck" just between ourselves. here's why:
six little ducks that i once knew
fat ones, skinny ones, fair ones too
but the one little duck with a feather on his back
he ruled the others with a quack, quack, quack
down to the river they would go
wibble, wobble, wibble, wobble, to and fro
but the one little duck with the feather on his back
he led the others with a quack, quack, quack
quack, quack, quack,
quack, quack, quack
he led the others with a quack, quack, quack
back from the river they would come
wibble, wobble, wibble, wobble, ho, hum, hum
but the one little duck with the feather on his back
he led the others with a quack, quack, quack
quack, quack, quack,
quack, quack, quack
he led the others with a quack, quack, quack
18 aug 2006 / 1pm