Tuesday, January 22, 2008

chef chari on the loose!

so before the tuna and toenail tragedy, there was supposed to be the "moment" when plain old me turns to chef chari. so this is my blog entry about it.

the can of tuna was really meant for me to cook. when i took it off the shelf from the grocery, i already knew i was the one who will put it on the stove a few days after. something about that can told me that it should be the start of something new. (to the tune of high school musical)

anyhow, i found the perfect recipe on the internet. the step by step instruction was easy enough for me to comprehend. the dish turned out fine but nothing exceptional. migo said it was ok. cesar said it was ok. so i guess..... i should try a new recipe!

yesterday, it was sinigang na baboy day. another free consultation on the world wide web and off i go. it tasted ok. again, just ok. cesar did say it was good enough. the only problem was that i put the gabi last together with the leafy veggies so the gabi didn't soften. cesar said later i should've put it in together with the pork.

anyway. so i cooked a second time this month. so i'm living up to my secret new year's resolution. or should i say, i'm starting to accomplish one of my secret goals for 2008. i hope i get to accomplish ALL my secret goals. i won't write them down but will just write them when i've accomplished them already. that way, no one knows if i get a passing score or not. and i can only have myself to blame if i don't.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the tuna and toenail tragedy

julla broke her left big toenail.

friday night, i was preparing a tuna dinner. i left the can of tuna on top of the dining table while thawing the combination of green peas, diced carrots and corn kernels. (YES, I WAS GOING TO COOK DINNER! and cesar was proud of me, but that's another blog entry...)

so there i was busy with my "moment" because as you all know (or not know yet), i don't know how to cook. i searched the internet that evening for a good canned tuna dish and i was excited and sort of proud of myself. suddenly, a loud scream. no, more like a short, high-pitched yelp, followed by loud, ear-splitting wailing which could only come from julla.

then there she was, pointing at her bleeding toe. and it bled like crazy, i didn't know what to do! hydrogen peroxide and balls of cotton! wailing julla in the background while i rummaged through my cabinet with all the bottles of cologne, lotion, contact lens cleaner, etc already in disarray even before the rummage. she wailed and wailed like an ambulance siren. while silly me, trying desperately to stop the bleeding. and her brother, migo, looking over my shoulder and breathing a loud "eeewwwww!" then darting away, lest he gets this communicable disease that his little sister acquired.

30 minutes later. a hiccuping julla, drained from all the crying, but quiet finally. her big toenail, cracked crosswise, 3/4 of it might eventually chip off.

damn, i hope the remaining 1/4 grows out nice and smooth just as it has always been. i don't want her to be eventually all grown up and pretty... but hiding an ugly toe.

Friday, January 11, 2008


i hear many have earned from this site by simply starting or responding to discussions so i wanna share it with you. so far, i've only earned $2.96 so i'm getting there. just click here as my referal:


here's an example of a discussion i responded to....


What do you do on those days when you are just in a funk you cant get yourself out of? How do you keep youself happy? Or cheer yourself up when you are not? For me the best thing to do is talk to someone about it, another thing I love to do is write, and listen to music.


CHOCOLATE always, always does the trick for me.

but when i'm around a computer, going online also helps. usually, when i'm online, time is suspended as if everything else around me stops. i usually chat with someone, write on my blog, post on mylot, forward nice emails, upload photos, i can do almost anything i want. and somehow, i forget my problem. and for a few e-moments, i am happy.

now when there's no computer around, i try to read a book that i've read before. it's like renewing an old friendship because i already know what's in it but it's retold to me again. and for a few literary moments, i am happy.

going to the mall and shopping also helps. but sometimes, i end up splurging so i end up more unhappy coz i lost money that i'm supposed to save. but there's something about shopping and buying something you like but don't need that gives a girl a certain lift in spirit. it's like accomplishing or fulfilling something. oh i don't know how to put it.

right now, i am actually not so happy so i'm glad i'm here online...on mylot.