Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The problem with weekends

Monday to Friday, I stay in the office 9 hours per day and every single day of that, I long for the weekend. Once I get home Friday night, I am in heaven. I forget all my work problems, my rifts with my boss, my follow ups with suppliers…. I turn into happy-go-lucky mommy and wifee.

Eversince we moved to our new home, our weekends are usually spent together – the 3 of us, Migo, Cesar and me. We would do household chores, eat out for breakfast, watch tv, go shopping/palengke, swimming, just plain have fun. My parents would often visit us Sunday night.

The problem with weekends though is that by Monday morning, I find it hard to shift back from mommy/wifee mode to work mode. It takes a while before I respond to the ding-dong-ing of my cellphone's alarm and get up to take my morning shower. Usually, the shower perks me up a bit but when Migo wakes up and starts whining for "Mommeeeee...dito ka tabi ko..." I get lazy again. When I am finally able to dress up, I'd have to drag myself down the 5 floors (15 steps per floor) of our condo building. The cold or heat of the morning affects me as well. If it's hot, I'm cranky. If it's cold, I'm super sleepy. And the almost 1 hour ride to work is just awful. Add the traffic and I am really gone.

The worse part is when I get to the office and I'm already dead tired.

Geez... can't wait till Friday.

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