Thursday, May 05, 2005

hey big spender

my credit card has come in handy these past couple of weeks. got me a dvd player, a ceiling fan, venetian blinds, a couple of dinners out, some clothes and shoes, few groceries... i am just so glad i could buy all that stuff with just a signature. i sometimes wonder how i could ever live without it.

they say plastic money is the future. you don't have to carry cash around lest you get held up and lose it all in a jiffy. truth is, for me at least, it's an advertising set up. i figured all they actually want is for us cardholders to spend more. more than we can afford.

such is what actually is happening to me. i'm way over my head in debt. at least i think i am. i do know though that more people are in deeper shit than i am, owing credit card companies more than a hundred thousand bucks, and that's just the interest! so i might be luckier and more in control of my spending than most. anyhow, my point is i am still spending more than i'm supposed to. i read somewhere that in order for a person to save money is to compute it this way: income minus savings equals money to spend on needs and if there's still some left, that's the money for wants. but usually, most people, myself included, compute it in reverse: income minus money to spend for needs and wants equals savings. that's the reason why there is usually zero savings because of the never-ending needs and wants that a person buys with his income.

what's my point? i'm trying to tell myself to stop overspending. i am making a sermon here for me to read and realize one thing: big spender must be big earner. SO FIND A BETTER-PAYING JOB, GIRL!

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