Wednesday, June 15, 2005

starting nursery

migo started going to nursery school last week. he's going to the same school where he went to last summer for toddler class. teacher said he was ready for nursery despite his age. (he's only 2yrs & 10mths old) actually, the prinsipal thought he deserved to start kindergarten because (according to her) he could grasp everything taught him. but then the teacher said it's best to start him off at nursery so he won't be too pressured.

the week before he started, we bought his books (all 8 of 'em!! feels like he's in high school already!!) and he's started browsing through them. we also bought his school uniform. gosh, was he cute! and his supplies... tons of 'em. i can't believe i'm already sending my child to school! his schedule is from 10am to 1pm with classes in computer, english, filipino, math, science, sibika...

anyway, i'm hoping & praying that he'll enjoy schooling. i only want the best for him so i'll do my best to encourage him to do good.

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