Friday, August 18, 2006

julla, our pretty duckling

she got her ears pierced yesterday (august 17) at the health center in front of our subdivision's gate. she looked real pretty with her new pearl earrings. have to post a pic asap.

everyday, i look at her and see how pretty she is. maybe it's because i'm her mom so i really think she's beautiful. but i asked cesar if this was the case, and he told me that julla's really pretty. well, he's probably just saying that because he's the dad. har-har... :-)

her personality is coming out everyday. i sometimes call her "sungit" coz she is always frowning. and boy, can she cry her lungs out! everytime she feels sleepy, she'd get all cranky and whine and cry. i actually learned to live with it -- the crying and all that coz i know if i rock her enough, she'll eventually fall sleep. now when she smiles....boy, she lights up my world! i noticed she often smiles when we face her up to a mirror. she probably knows she's pretty, hah! or maybe, since she doesn't smile as often as she frowns, it becomes a precious moment. julla is also very observant. you'd see her staring at our movements. she is constantly watching her kuya migo's every move and is most at ease in her rocker when he's beside her.

we love her, love her, love her! me, her dad and kuya migo.

18 aug 2006 / 5:30pm

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