Sunday, December 09, 2007

air of christmas

the cold wind blew my hair, covering almost half my face as i pushed the pink stroller-cum-bike with little julla riding on it. from a few meters away, migo and some kids are arguing about whose turn it is to ride his blue bike. blinking lights witness this late afternoon activity here in our condo grounds. teenagers practicing a number probably for a christmas party. undoubtedly christmas is just around the corner...

migo got a new bike today. a blue bike that has a sidecar on it so that, according to him, he will be able to drive his sister around and other kids too. julla got what she's been longing for -- that pink stroller-and-bike-in-one, the one that has a handle at the back for an adult to push it around but at the same time, has pedals so she can ride it by herself later on.

we were supposed to go buy christmas gifts for my officemates, have my hair cut and styled, get myself a nice outfit for our office party and shoes to go with it too. that was the plan. that was the agenda for the day. and in consideration, since they were accompanying me, alright, we'll buy toys for them too. small inexpensive toys. this is supposed to be "my day" so we'll spend it my way.

but the day ended with their 2 bikes, well worth over the budget intended for my haircut, clothes and gifts. and all i got was a silver pair of flats bought at 50% off its original price -- not something for the office party.

i am happy. to see the glow in the faces of my 2 kids is enough for me to be content with not getting what i want. instead, them getting what they want. the money left is enough to last us till next payday but i don't mind. i'm just glad that i did what i did today.

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