Friday, January 11, 2008

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here's an example of a discussion i responded to....


What do you do on those days when you are just in a funk you cant get yourself out of? How do you keep youself happy? Or cheer yourself up when you are not? For me the best thing to do is talk to someone about it, another thing I love to do is write, and listen to music.


CHOCOLATE always, always does the trick for me.

but when i'm around a computer, going online also helps. usually, when i'm online, time is suspended as if everything else around me stops. i usually chat with someone, write on my blog, post on mylot, forward nice emails, upload photos, i can do almost anything i want. and somehow, i forget my problem. and for a few e-moments, i am happy.

now when there's no computer around, i try to read a book that i've read before. it's like renewing an old friendship because i already know what's in it but it's retold to me again. and for a few literary moments, i am happy.

going to the mall and shopping also helps. but sometimes, i end up splurging so i end up more unhappy coz i lost money that i'm supposed to save. but there's something about shopping and buying something you like but don't need that gives a girl a certain lift in spirit. it's like accomplishing or fulfilling something. oh i don't know how to put it.

right now, i am actually not so happy so i'm glad i'm here online...on mylot.

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