Tuesday, October 05, 2010


 i strongly believe i was saved from imminent danger this morning.

i was in a cab with the little big man on our way to his school then to my office.  (tuesdays the car is coded so he and i are on our own without the hubby.)

driver:  ma'am anong oras na?  [what thime is it?]
he looked at me, not from the rearview mirror when he asked this.  he actually turned his head to me at the backseat so i saw his face and he didn't look pleasant.  call me paranoid but something about him made me feel uncomfortable.
me:  quarter to seven.

few minutes later.  he turned towards me again while driving.
driver:  ma'am smart ka?  

in my mind, he meant if i had a cellphone and if i used smart network?  and in my mind, why the f*ck did he need to know?  this made me more uneasy.
 me:  hindi po.  [no.]

the little big man and i talked quietly as we drove on.

after another few minutes, he turned to me again.
driver:  ma'am tapos deretso tayo quezon avenue?
me:  opo.

yes, that was my instruction the moment i stepped in his cab.  he knew i was just going to drop off my kid in school and then, go to quezon avenue where he will drop me off. why the heck did he keep turning with a weird look on his face?  

it was only a few minutes away from the little big man's school.  i decided to hold out till we're there and get off the cab.  i checked the meter, took out the bills to pay for how much it would cost and when we finally parked in front of the school, i handed it to him, took my son's hand and bag and got off.

driver:  hindi na kayo sasakay?
me:  hindi na po. dadaan pa pala ko sa tutor ng anak ko.
and i shut the door.

grace:  also called state of grace. the condition of being in God's favor or one of the elect.

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