Monday, October 03, 2011

Quotable Quotes

this morning, me dressed to go to work and the little big man in his school uniform ready to go to school, on our way out of the house:

mommy, bat pag naka-pambahay ka hindi ka maganda?

baket, pag naka pang-alis ako, maganda ako?


ok sige lagi na lang ako magpa pang-alis.


another quotable quote, from months back when we just transferred to our latest dwelling.  

the little girl and me were left to fend for ourselves one night while the hubby and little big man went to taekwondo training.  we were waiting for them because they were bringing home dinner but the little girl was probably hungry already so she said:

mommy, marunong ka bang magluto kahit noodles lang?

oo naman.

quickly i tried to boil the water and prep the noodles and spices.  unfortunately, i was not aware (yet) that the gas tank had a button to be pushed before it could release the gas for the stove.  it took forever to boil the g*dd*mn water!

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