Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Quotable Quotes

it's right after a 4-day weekend and i had to literally drag myself to work this morning.  i woke up the usual hour at 5 but played with my tab for a good 30 minutes before going to the shower.  i folded worn clothes for the laundry, fixed the elastic adjuster on the little big man's shorts, sorted out the disarray of little things on the table.... did *literally* anything to delay my trip to work.

the little kids woke up almost the same time and watched me fixing myself up.  they KNEW i was going to work and they'd be left nanny-less today but with their dad.


sana 2012 na.  said the little big man sitting on the couch while the hubby came out of the bedroom.

baket?  me while the hubby and i threw each other questioning glances.

kase pag 2012 na, di ka na magwo-work tapos ikaw na magpre-prepare ng baon ko sa school tsaka lagi ka na lang nandito....

i didn't know they were really holding on to that.  and somehow, i felt the pressure to give in.

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