Tuesday, January 17, 2012


happy new year!

i obviously have not blogged (guilty as charged) since the end of 2011.  no excuses.  i've been sorting out this life of mine for the new year and been tweeting a lot of my thoughts instead of here.

spent the first day of the year at the penthouse home with both relatives on my side and hubby's side.  it was an easy parting with 2011.  i'm leaving behind the not so good things that happened to my work and our family and am looking forward to a better year.

i'm not writing down resolutions this year because they usually stay just that -- written promises.  my desktop wallpaper right now says: 

and so, this year 2012, I WILL:

1.  find a new job  (a better one) - not necessarily employment but a new source of income.  it may be prospering the business i already have or transferring to a better company.  

2. grow that t-shirt printing business we started last year by a more aggressive online marketing and personal attention to recommended customers

3. buy / sell children's wear and accessories (also online) through the existing online store of my t-shirts

4.  lose the love handles around my waist - by getting on the treadmill again

5. improve the canteen facilities and food, thus, better income

6. have better skin (by that, i need to cleanse and moisturize daily and not forget my vitamins.  also, lessen causes of stress)

7. go abroad with the little big man for his first international taekwondo tournament.  (mom told me i should make this happen and that boosted my spirits even more to really strive that the whole little family gets to go on this trip.)

8.  be happy.

and since i'm turning 40 this year, (yes you don't have to rub it in because i am not at all bothered)  i'm so psyched to make things REALLY happen for me and my little family.  all by God's WILL.

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