Wednesday, April 25, 2012


today i am reminded by that recent post of the hubby on facebook.

for the past few weeks, i've been pondering on getting a brand new smartphone in the form of either a samsung galaxy s2 or an iPhone 4s.  the hubby has been discouraging me, telling me i don't need a high end phone.

there is someone i know who has all the latest gadgets -- you name it, he has it -- only to find out that he has unpaid bills and loans everywhere. his kids are being supported by his parents, he still lives with his parents and his businesses are supported financially by his parents.  yet he blames his parents that he isn't successful.

there is someone i know who has been working her ass off for decades.  she doesn't have savings but she has helped all her siblings finish school, has built and managed her own business and is well-respected by her peers.

there is someone i know who has married and had kids as a teen.  after two failed marriages and half a dozen kids, she finds her true love.

there is someone i know who was the darling of the boys in her prime.  pretty, great personality.  at 40, she remained single.  happy, i hope.

there is someone i know who took care of somebody else's kids since they were babies. she considered them like her own.  

there is someone i know who worked his way to the top.  he is now rich and powerful but is considered a social climber by people he thought were his friends.  they said his money couldn't buy breeding.

there is me.  i have a fairly-paying job (if that's the correct word) that helps support my little family.  i have an imperfect husband who helps me most of the time with his business and taking care of the kids.  i have kids who are active, healthy, wonderful, annoying at times, intelligent, athletic, God-fearing, loving.  i don't have everything i need.  all the more i don't have everything i want.

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