Friday, May 02, 2014

Good Day

I must say I had a productive day today. Second time this week. The first was last Monday, I didn't go to work but ended up enrolling in driving school, getting my student permit and finally getting my kids their new Samsung Tab3 and Samsung S Duos.

Today, a Friday, I didn't go to work again. Spent the first two waking hours driving. My teacher, Aban, is as short as me. Literally same height. He is so cool and kind I don't want anybody else to teach me.

After my lesson, the kids and I went to Notre for their enrollment. How can hard-earned money just go like that in an instant?

Insert picture here of receipt

When we got home I cooked for my mom. Later in the afternoon, I suddenly wanted to cook spaghetti for the kids. Yes, I did. Butbi found that my speghetti sauce ia expired by over a year. (Remember? I dont really cook, right.) Ran off to SM with tge little girl to get Three-cheese pasta sauce. Shopped a little too and got the little girl's school supplies.

My spaghetti was a hit. Then cooked fried chicken (in Japanese breading) later tonight for a late- night supper which the kids really enjoy. The late-night supper, I mean.

If you don't know me well, let me tell you that it's a big deal that I am cooking. And it's making me happy that I am able to do this for my kids.

Real proud of myself today.

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