Monday, March 16, 2015


Today I skipped worked to run errands for the kids. I guess, to be honest, to get some much needed me time. I'm at the salon now as i write getting a pedi. Seriously considering getting a haircut and curls but not yet decided. I might watch a movie by myself later at home.

The first thing I did this morning after the kids left for school was water the plants, which i havent done for quite a few months since I hired a househelp. I just might get the house cleaned and do the laundry later in the day. After all, it's only lunch time.

Earlier i went to the post office to mail a letter for the little girl's homework. Then I ate at that old hole in the wall lugawan near the old city hall where the hubby and I used to crash. I was reminiscing the old days and will have to admit, I kinda miss it.

Much earlier, my brother and I were vibing about getting my own car. Easier said than done though. I really must work harder in order to get things rolling financially for my little family.

I've not blogged for the last few weeks so  I feel I have a lot to say. But my mind is reeling of things that happened over the last 3 months.

Like, I started a loaning business. Like, the hubby thing.

Like, no taekwondo training for the little big man for the longest time.

Like, my Dad has liver cirrhosis and he doesn't realize that it's degenerative and I'm like wtf, it doesn't sink in.

Like, my new Samsung Note4 last February.

Like, I was Ninang for the first time at a wedding.

Like, I was sort of big shot at work for the last couple of months because of the jogger trend which has become the cash cow for quite a while now.

Like, my kids are always arguing and fighting, sometimes getting violent with each other.

Oh geez, pedicure is done. Till next.

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