Monday, October 05, 2015

I'm Pregnant

Last night, I had the weirdest dream. I don't usually have vivid dreams. I always sleep deeply and if ever I do have dreams, usually, I forget what they're all about come morning. But this.
I was in the market and the vendor was holding my hand and looking at my palm and pointing at my moving pulse and she told me that I was pregnant. I was shocked. I knew I didn't want to have another child. But I knew too that having a new one is a blessing and that I cannot "not want" this one.
I woke up with the purpose of checking out the dream dictionary about what this might mean. As soon as I got to work this morning, I looked it up and found this.
So here I am, pondering about the possibilities. Few weeks ago, a friend/supplier and  I have discussed his plans of getting me as an industrial partner in a business he will be setting up next year. I've been actually looking and opening my doors to new opportunities but so far, nothing concrete has come up. I really hope this is a sign.

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