Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the little one

he wakes up sometimes screaming. oftentimes, he wakes up with a sheepish smile on his face and when we greet him "good morning", he replies in his not-yet-so-articulate "du-moyning, mummy.... du-moyning, duddy."

today he woke in the latter manner. we started the day oggling at our brand new compaq presario which we bought with loaned money (courtesy of my mom & dad) yesterday. as i prepared to leave for work, he was having fun listening to some mp3s while enjoying the sight of his face as the wallpaper of the compaq.

when the time came that i have to leave for work, the tantrums came. he started crying and screaming his lungs out. tears were real. he wasn't just acting. he didn't want me to leave. "tama ato opi?" he requested. my heart broke. i wished i could. or at least, i could stay with him.

but it's the way it is. we both have to learn to accept that i have to go to work, he has to be left at home with his nanny. that is why i never fail to spend quality time with him whenever i could. weekends are usually spent with him and for him. his dad & i always makes sure of that.

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