Thursday, February 10, 2005

the notebook

no, this isn't about noah calhoun's life with his dear allie. this is about a compaq presario 2500 that we bought (on loan courtesy of my mom). cesar & i are crazy about it.

we were actually planning on getting a pc when we moved to our dwelling. but 2 sundays ago, i borrowed my sister-in-laws laptop and had to have it repaired. then we chanced upon somebody wanting to sell his notebook. i didn't have the money but my brother insisted on getting it through our mom. it was him who actually wants it.

eventually, WE got it. i own it now and every night i make artworks and surf and have fun. cesar likes it too. he bought his own programs and all. and we're planning to get toddler cds too for migo.

that's all. just wanted to brag, i guess.... :)

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