Friday, April 22, 2005


excerpt from one of my notes dated 28 april 2004

I have always wanted to be a writer. Eversince Allie Cecilio (now Mrs. Vic Uy), my friend from High School introduced me to the fun of writing my thoughts down way back then, I’ve enjoyed it and have always wished I could someday publish my own book. Not the academic type of book but the journal type.

Recently, I came across the book of Susan Vidal, The Gospel According to My Kitchen Sink. It told of her life experiences as a mom, wife, daughter, career-woman and most expecially, a child of God. I’d like to write something like that. Something like Robert Fulghum. Something about me and my life.

I want to write about being foremost a mother to my 20-month old son. About being a “almost-3-year-old” wife. About being a 32-year old daughter. About being a 12-year old employee. About being a 32- 20- 16- 10- 6-… etc year old friend.

Everyday I have thoughts I’d really love to put on ink and paper but I never seem to get it done. Always busy being all those roles that I am. Maybe I really should take time out to do this. For myself. For 32-year old “me.”

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