Monday, July 25, 2005


have not blogged for over a month. was pretty busy at work and always only had a few minutes at lunchtime to log on to the www. and used up those few minutes reading/deleting jillions of e-mails from the sp e-group.

today, got ourselves our own phone line at home. so now can log on anytime i please. goodbye, naptime on weekends coz i'm gonna be hooked! and hello latenights coz i may sure be hooking up after work too. but i'm sure i'll be able to blog more often now. and finally be able to compile all my thoughts and get myself workin on a book. my dream project. my own book. a semi-story of my life.


soon, i hope.

i can also now introduce migo to the www. oopsss, gotta get a netnanny asap.

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