Friday, July 29, 2005

russel / cecil / virra

i sent the following message through friendster to my best friend in the states. she's been living there since april last year. kinda miss her... it's been a while since we last spoke. and i don't even know her new email address!

28 july 2005

hey russel,

just thought i'd drop you a line or two today. just to keep in touch. you know, just to update you with the goings-on in my semi-complicated semi-happy life....

still working my ass in the old company. sometimes i think i'm getting too old for this. sometimes pondering on making a major career-shift. like studying medical transcription. and becoming a stay-at-home-working-mom. then i could do designing on the side. i'm putting up a website with sample pics of my design jobs so that potential clients can just view it and transactions can be done by email. payments through bank. good idea, huh? whatcha think?

migo is turning 3 yrs old this august 13th. time flies huh? he started nursery last june. wouldja believe that?! anyway, did i tell you he went to toddler class last summer and it turned out that he can easily grasp what's being taught him so the principal and teacher encouraged us to enroll him already. so we did. cesar & i figured migo would be better off learning something than staying at home playing everyday. besides, we can see he's really interested to learn and interact with other kids. his vocabulary is amazing considering he's so young -- a mixture of tagalog, english, spanish (courtesy of dora the explorer), taglish, spanglish and spangtag... heheheh... he's little mr. friendship in the community where we live. all the guards in the condo give him a high-five everytime they see him. most of the other residents, young and old know him by name and would greet him whenever they meet in the lobby, pool, playground. i'm so proud of him. of course, he could be a pain in the neck sometimes, just like all kids but that's all compensated by all the hugs, kisses and "i love yous" i get from him every now and then.

what else is up with me? hmmm... well, my life has mostly evolved around my work and my family. god has been generally good to me. i've never had problems too heavy that i didn't have a solution to. finances are tight but we're surviving. we don't have everything we want but at least we somehow get everything we need. don't get me wrong. there are a lot of down times, and i mean A LOT, in this life of mine. but they're just enough to make me feel glad during the times when i'm getting over them inch by inch.

what's up at your side of the world? i'm wondering what my soul twin is doing while all these things are happening to me. when i'm depressed, could you be depressed too? when i'm overjoyed, could you be on top of your world too?

keep in touch. what the heck's your new email address anyway? so i don't have to go through friendster anymore.


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