Sunday, November 06, 2005

passed out

dear baby bump,

we were at the newly-opened sm valenzuela today. me, dad & kuya migo. i was supposed to visit my ob-gyne first for our monthly check-up but her clinic was closed so we went to the salon for my much-needed haircut (which turned out to be not what i wanted... but that is another story). kuya migo got a trim too. then afterwards, upon his prodding, we all went to sm.

once there, we checked out some christmas trees and decor and decided which to buy later when budget permits. then we went to the play area where kuya migo rode some kiddie rides. then i decided i was hungry so we went to kfc on the ground floor.

once there, i started to feel weird. i knew immediately i was going to faint. slowly, my vision was starting to fade into black and i told your dad i was gonna lose it any minute. i told him i was gonna faint. (i already know this coz this happened to me too when i was pregnant with your brother.) then i was gone.

the next thing i knew, i was being seated on a chair with daddy's arms around me, calmly calling me, "sweetheart, sweetheart..." then i could hear him saying "buntis kase sya" probably to the passers-by. then slowly, i came back. migo was hugging my left leg softly saying, "mommy, mommy..."

later, i asked dad how it went. he said, like i told him, i slowly fainted and slumped on his arms. my eyes rolled heavenward. migo asked him innocently, "daddy, patay na ba si mommy?" to which he replied, "no, anak, hinimatay lang sya. behave ka para ok na si mommy." was funny coz he even kidded me that i looked like a joke--my facial expression and all.

anyway, i felt how much daddy & kuya loved me just by being there caring for me. it's the love that our family will be giving you too.


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