Tuesday, October 18, 2005

very first letter to unborn baby

hello baby bump,

you should be fifteen weeks old by now inside mum's tummy. you're quite a bump by now but not too big yet for people to see that i'm actually pregnant. sometimes, you look like some excess fat around my waist, like love handles.

last night, when i was about to go to sleep, i felt you kick in there. i'm not really sure if that was you or my bowel moving in my intestines. but i put my hand over my tummy and waited. and then you kicked again. then i was pretty sure it was you. i tried telling your dad and brother that i felt you move but they were probably already somewhere in between reality and dreamland so they didn't really hear me. there was a broad smile on my face..... this is the first time i felt you and it made me so happy. am happy coz i'm carrying inside me a new life. a new person who i love already, unconditionally. i cherished that moment of just the two of us connecting. bonding moment. me and my unborn child.

when your brother migo was still in my womb, i started a diary in a small hello kitty notebook. i wanted him to be a girl so i used that girly notebook. i still keep that diary somewhere in the back of our wardrobe cabinet but have not written on it maybe since he turned 2 yrs old. i hope to start a new one for you. maybe here in my blog. just print it out later and have you read it when you turn 18yrs old. just like what i'd planned with your brother, i'll give him that hello kitty notebook when he turns 18 too.

hang in there, kid. mum, dad and kuya are waiting for you, anticipating, with so much love.


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