Monday, February 06, 2006

another letter to baby

dear baby bump,

you're 7 months in mom's tummy by now. i am having a hard time getting up in the morning and going to sleep at night these past few weeks since christmas. and you're pretty big now, as i look at you sideways in front of the mirror. i'm happy to feel you always moving inside me. you are god's blessing to me, your dad and your kuya migo.

we are still wondering if you're a girl or a boy.... i haven't had ultrasound yet and mama and papa are discouraging me from having one. surprise na lang daw. but your dad and i secretly plan to check you out so we'd know in advance. and at least, so we can call you by your name already. we haven't got a name yet if you're a girl. last suggestion from mama was "bettina". she believes you're a girl... but if you're a boy, papa already suggested "jose rafael."

don't want to rant, baby, but i'm really having a hard time these days. i'm always tired and lazy. hope you won't become a lazy baby ok? my appetite has grown though. maybe it's coz my last checkup showed that i lost 2 lbs. tsk, tsk, tsk... bad...

anyways, since you're going to be a scheduled CS, your dad & i are planning to have you on his birthday, march 30. but last week, we were informed that kuya migo's graduation will be on april1-2. so we might as well have you after that so that you and i can attend that very special event in your kuya's life.

well, see you soon baby....


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