Friday, June 30, 2006


my ima is in the hospital right now. she's my yaya who took care of me and my brothers eversince we were born. now she still lives with my mom, dad, youngest brother and his son.
she has some sort of cancer in her vertebrae and it came from another cancer somewhere else in her body that doctors are still trying to figure out where. that's the reason they had her confined today. to check. to verify. to confirm...
it made me sad today. the thought of eventually losing her to sickness. she was such a kind woman. she loved me and my brothers, mom and dad so much that she never married or had children of her own. we were her family. and even now that my brothers and i have our own families, she's still there for us and now willingly takes care of our own kids whenever she can.
dear God, please make it easy on her when the inevitable has to happen. she gave us herself -- her whole life to my family. You gave her to us. and we thank You for that.

30 june 06 / 11:59pm

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