Saturday, July 01, 2006

dawn till morning

on to lighter things....
i've not posted regularly. baby julla is 2.5months. still breastfeeding her when i'm at home. kuya migo started in big school last june 7th. work at the office was and still is at its peak, in terms of things to attend to, fix up, devote time to. in short, i literally haven't had a "good time" for myself since i got back.
despite all these, i'm enjoying my baby julla's company. and eventhough migo is such a handful to deal with these days, i still am thankful i have him around. they are my little angels... always making me smile when i'm down and out. even when julla is crying her lungs out and i get stressed by it, i cuddle her and make her feel the love of her mom. even when migo is so wise-cracking, makulit and noisy, i hug him still and make him feel the love of his mom. i know that no matter what, i will always, ALWAYS make it a point to let them know how much they are loved.
nowadays, the only time i have to myself is during late nights such as right now. i am able to open the computer, log on to the internet, read mails, surf a bit and do this -- blog. and i am happy. despite my complaints to my husband -- that i don't get to go shopping anymore, don't get to watch tv shows that i like, don't get to eat stuff that i like -- i am contented with my life with my family. this little family in this little house. all are in here. nothing more, nothing less.
01 july 06 / 12:14am

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