Sunday, July 30, 2006

interview blues

here are several tips on what NOT to do when going for a job interview, based on what i've experienced this past week:

1) don't wear brand new, never-been-used 4-inch heels. i got mine from people are people. they looked real cool when i bought them, at half the price coz it was on sale. when i tried them on at the store and pranced around in them, showing off to migo, i loved it despite migo telling me they're "ang pangit, mommy!" well, i should've listened to him. kids probably know what's best for their moms too. the morning of my interview, i was only an hour away from home and 4 toes were already bruised and my feet hurt like hell. now the heels are being sold to my officemate which i hope she likes.

2) don't always tell the truth. or maybe, always tell the truth, in this case. my 2nd interview at rds was a disaster. well, at least for me, it was. they're actually asking me back for a 3rd interview next week, i absolutely wonder why! well, what happened was that the interviewer (the avp for merch) asked me what i did and all that so i explained to her my day-to-day activities. each item i mentioned she would reply "that's not what you're gonna do here." then she tells me that if hired, i would be coordinating with concessionaires. then she asked, "so what are you going to do with the concessionaires?" which startled me a bit. so i replied, "i actually have no idea." she was literaly taken aback. she probably never expected an applicant to be that blunt. so she quit asking and just told me that i will be endorsed to the hr dep and politely asked me to leave.
3) don't take other interviewers forgranted. when a headhunter scheduled me for a friday interview, another company called for a wednesday interview. to which i politely asked if it's possible to re-sched it on friday too so i can take a leave from work for just one day. the company said they'll just call again for the next set of interviews. fine, i thought. if they really want me, they'll call again. but they didn't. a week later, i was talking to my friend who knew somebody from that company and told me i'd definitely like to work there because my expertise is exactly what they were looking for. now i begged him to mention me again to them so they'd call me.
there's more to learn but i'll write again next time.... :-)

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