Friday, September 15, 2006

what's best for you

recall: item #3 in my previous post entitled "interview blues"

i wrote there that i should've gone for an interview with a certain company. that company called me again last september 5 and interviewed me on september 6. nyarrr after more than a month... i think this is due to john's prodding. he's the friend i was talking about who said i was exactly what that company needed. (thanks, john. i owe you another one!)

anyway, as it turned out, I AM EXACTY WHAT THEY NEEDED. last tuesday, they confirmed that they want to hire me and want me to start october 1. well, i'm starting october 16th coz i told them i needed to turn over my work load at my present company first. they agreed. pay is better, the brand i'll be handling is better. i will be, effective october 16th, the product deveopment manager for the denim line of the brand folded&hung. is that cool or what?!!

patience brought me here. i thank god for this. i thank the our lady of peace in antipolo where i prayed hard for this. mama mary is truly my namesake.
on a side note, on september 8, i was on my way to an interview for an overseas job. i chanced upon a neighbor at chateau and we rode the bus together. i told him that i was going for an overseas job interview and that i am only doing this because i wanted to try it out but i am not really so crazy about going abroad. what he said just struck me. he said, "what's best for you may not always be good for you." i stared at him and just had to nod in agreement.
god moves in mysterious ways. i have proven time and again that He will always be in charge of the direction of my life. i may want things but it is He who will lead me to where i should go, what should i have and when it is time. (thanks, francis! for telling me just that.)
15 sept 2006 / 5:33pm

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