Sunday, October 22, 2006

task at hand

it's been a good 5 days at f&h. i started last monday and so far, no major mishaps. funny but i've been expecting mishaps due probably to my occasional lack of confidence. i am in a totally different world now that i am in a new company with a new job. i've completely shifted my paradigm. (did i use the word correctly?) i am out of my comfort zone and feeling my way around. so far, i guess i'm doing alright.
the guys at f&h are different from the people i've been with at nfi. for one thing, most are younger than i am. most, if not all, are single, without kids. so what do we have in common so far? i haven't figured that out yet. they're all cool though. i like the "youth factor" coz most of my former officemates are in their 30s and nearing 40 and the conversation topics are way different. luckily, i can relate to both age groups. well, i think i can.
i'm praying i'd do good if not better. don't wanna waste the opportunity given to me. the task at hand is to luv this job or it won't luv me back!
sun, 22 oct o6, 3pm

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