Wednesday, June 27, 2007


julla fell from migo's rocking chair yesterday and hit the back of her head on some protruding screw from migo's scooter. the small wound bled but after cesar pressed on it, the bleeding stopped. it was good that cesar didn't panic and was calm as he quickly decided what to do. then he brought julla to the doctor.

i only found out about this when i got home. he didn't call me and thought he had everything under control and was useless since i cannot do anything about it anyway since i am at work.

last night, as julla lay sound asleep, i watched her slow, smooth breathing. very calm and relaxed. i checked if she had fever. i checked her wound at the back of her head. and since i was quite assured already that she was ok, i lay beside her and hugged her small body to me. i probably won't be able to take it if something bad happened to her. she and migo are so precious it's as if i lost everything if they were taken from me. i'd do anything to keep them protected and happy...
last week, migo was hit by mathew, that 3-year old bratty boy living in the unit at the opposite end of our floor. migo's nose bled and he started crying. when cesar saw this, he told him to hit back and so he did.

later, we were discussing this incident and i didn't agree that cesar told him to hit back. but cesar said migo should learn to defend himself and that if he let the other kid get away with it, it's like allowing him to do it again. which made sense to me although i insisted that another violence is not the answer to a mistreatment done to him. we told migo not to play with that kid again only to see him the following day running around with him again. ohhh, kids.... but i do hope he's learned his lesson and we'll just remind him to avoid that kid from now on.

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