Wednesday, October 17, 2007


today...well.... yesterday october 16, i am already 1 year working in f&h. i could say that over the last year, i've improved and gained more knowledge and at the same time, contributed a lot to the company's growth. i just hope my boss' evaluation of me will reflect that too.

a lot has been happening lately. sir doc, the owner just got back from a trip to europe and we've been in and out of meetings with him everyday since he got back on october 1st. and everyday since, i've been in front of my computer (whenever there's no meeting) trying to compute and re-compute our sales projections, ordered jeans, schedules of deliveries, which orders can be slid down to next year, etc. it has been a taxing past two weeks! to add to that, the pressure of the new policies being implemented by management and the impending politics being orchestrated by one or some. it's frustrating that on top of all the problems, some people still want to make life harder for most of us for some people's personal gain.

but like i said to my former office buddies, there definitely isn't a perfect company where you can work in. so we just have to accept these things and try to deal with it. if you can't beat 'em, join 'em..... or get the hell out.

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