Saturday, May 17, 2008

happy thoughts

so today, i decided to relax and not think about the nasty things in life.

i start by thinking of the blessings i have despite the trials and hardships. first and foremost, my kids.

migo will start 1st grade this june. he's only turning 6 y/o in august but well, as you know, he started going to school at 2. me and his dad are mighty proud of him. over the summer, he gained weight (i think) coz his chest and arms and legs are bigger and i guess he grew taller too. (i better check his height later.) he's becoming more and more smart alecky, i don't know if that's good or bad. he is so talkative and bubbly and sweet. sometimes, he can be a bit naughty but nothing that me and his dad can't handle.

julla turned 2 y/o last april. the sweet little thing is starting to talk in phrases now and can be a little blabbery at times. i should write a julla's 2008 dictionary for my next post. she's starting to eat more now and i think she's an itsy bitsy bit taller. (our neighbor's kid from the first floor is 1 year old but taller and heavier than julla.) she likes to sleep by herself and is bothered if any part of her body is in contact with another human being. so unlike migo who snuggles to my armpit everytime he sleeps. well, that's one of their major differences, if you could call it that.

secondly, hubby and i are doing business again. this was my dad's and brother's store and it was turned over to us this month for new management. we have a lot of bright ideas for this and we are very positive about the future of this business. by june, we're going full blast and i really hope everything works out as planned, and forecasted.

consequently to this, we're moving to a new dwelling. the 2nd floor of the commercial space of the store will be turned into a residential area......yes, for us. so we're moving house again after 3 or so years. i do recall that i started this blog and called it "our dwelling" the time we were moving to this house where we are now. so is it time to move on to a new blog too? maybe make a more commercially appealing blog, to generate extra income. hmmm...something i've been mulling over for the last couple of months. well, maybe when i'm in the new house, i'll decide.

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