Thursday, May 15, 2008


was chatting with my bff soul twin just now.

bff st: how are ya
me: i'm good. you?
bff st: surviving
me: surviving is good enough
bff st: sometimes
me: coz some people don't
bff st: but it can be borderline kinda thing
me: yep, have to do something, not just survive though. me too
bff st: yeahhh. scales are tipped. gotta bring it back to a decent balance you know
me: right you should. we should

only we can talk this way in phrases but understand each other completely. we're worlds apart. she's in california, i'm in quezon city philippines. but neither time nor distance can change the spiritual bond we have. so we survive life's daily grind knowing somewhere out there, someone shares the same survival instincts... and understands.