Monday, June 02, 2008


i attended this supposedly life-enriching 3-hour seminar last tuesday. meant to write about it but postponed it until today. many of the topics discussed were actually things many of us already know but fail to apply in our lives. i, for one, am guilty.

here are a few things though that i want to remember, and purposely implement in my life right now. this can be what you can call my mid-year resolutions.

*when you give, it comes back.
now, i will never, ever hesitate to give anybody anything that i know i am capable of giving. i will always be reminded of the scene where the hand that is holding on to something gives away what it is holding, only then is it able to receive an even greater thing.

*attitude decides the result. my "yes" means the job is half-done.
now, i will always, always think positive about everything. yes, i can rant for a few minutes in a negative situation but i will immediately make a turn-around and CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, accept things that i cannot change, and GO WITH THE FLOW.

*control: my thoughts, words, anger, appetite, sexual desire.
now, i will start eating oatmeal either for breakfast or for dinner. i have to keep healthy as i know i am in my middle age already (boy, that was hard to admit!) and i have to control my appetite now more than ever.

abundance!! my shoutout for the second half of 2008!