Friday, June 13, 2008

our new dwelling

so we moved to the new dwelling last wednesday, 04 june 2008. the first three days were utter chaos until the 4th day when there was already some semblance of a home. by sunday, we were going to early morning mass as a family, contented and thankful to God for our new living space.

it's our second week now and so far, things are getting better. although our living room is still stacked with softdrink bottles and the big videoke machine and we're still waiting for its pullout. but the shelves are already installed and the books put in their places. the aquarium has a new perch that looks really great at night when its light is turned on. we have yet to layout the walls with our different picture frames, migo's drawings, migo's certificates and what-have-yous. oh, and yes, we placed that frame with the praying hands with the inscription "god bless our home" on top of the door frame leading to the bedroom.

the bedroom so far is the best place to hang around in. the tv set is still there with the ps2 and dvd player so we spend some late nights watching movies. the computer is there too but we don't have internet connection yet so it's virtually useless right now. our wardrobe cabinet is just unbelievable because we got so much space! far cry from our old cabinet in the old dwelling.

so soon, i'll be talking about new furniture, i hope. but for now, we have to save money again. but i'm super glad everything's fine.